Fire in Taipei Hospital, Xinzhuang

Watching the news and there was a fire in Taipei Hospital, ten critical or dead, resuscitating people on the street outside, etc. looks like a nightmare


Here we go again. Was the old timer smoking in the hallway again.

From what I gathered it was an electric bed that caught fire.

One confirmed death.

Yes, because in this weather you’d be needing an electric bed.

Yea that article is saying nine dead now, tv news also saying nine dead

It’s a hospice, I think he is talking about those electric beds that move up and down etc.
Remember folks, in Taiwan it’s always 買一送一!

Good point, my brain just read electric blanket for some reason.

Bad case of the Mondays.

Ha, I though you were being sarky

I saw teh tv earlier, it was only one. Dimmit. Poor people. Most of teh time you are not mobile, can’t escape.

台北醫院護理之家火警 9死16傷[更新]

Yep, newest 9 already.

Video update: 14 dead

Yea, I think there was quite a few in trouble and the number not making it went up fast. tragic

Which hospital is it ?

Taipei hospital, its in Xinzhuang

The fire itself was in the hospice ward.

Expect the usual suspects to issue apologies and resignations.

I thought it was 10 dead. It was this morning, right?

it was 10 with no signs of life at one point, but presumably one made it back. They were resuscitating people on the street outside the hospital.

Guys, there were several foreign workers with their elderly people inside.

Well, there are reports from 3 hours ago saying 14 dead. Now most keep the number at 9.

Chronicle of events here:

Por lo menos 10 en alitas de cucaracha.

I can’t play the videos. Don’t know what’s up.