Firefox IP hider. Proxy server or some magical masker

Hi all. I just found something called Tor

It is an easy way to hid where you are and might work for DLing or watching the sports. Give it a try, but I have not finished testing it yet.

It does slow down your connection (there is a long wait as it finds an available IP for you) and it seems to break JAVA if it has a redirect.

I went to an IP looking up sight and it told me I was in:
My ip address: (copy) IP country: Denmark IP state: IP city: latitude: 56.0000 longitude: 10.0000 isp: EasySpeedy ApS organization: EASYSPEEDY external network your speed: Unknown

My ip address: (copy) IP country: France IP state: Centre IP city: Gif-sur-Yvette latitude: 48.6833 longitude: 2.1333 isp: Proxad organization: Proxad / Free SAS your speed: Cable/DSL

IP Adresse: (copy) IP Land: Germany IP Bundesland: Nordrhein-Westfalen IP Stadt: Cologne Längengrad: 50.9333 Breitengrad: 6.9500 Provider: Host Europe GmbH Organisation: RootDS Virtual Servers netspeed: Unknown

My ip address: (copy) IP country: United States IP state: IP city: Great River IP postcode: 11739 latitude: 40.7263 longitude: -73.1577 isp: EZZI.NET organization: EZZI.NET your speed: Corporate/T1

4 tries before I got a US sight :frowning:
The unmasked one did show me correctly.

Best of luck
Ps. Please don’t use this for illegal activities. Use other programs for that :slight_smile:


Err… I was getting to that. :s

You need to download and run the 3 part thingy from here:
And (maybe) this too: called Torbutton

Then open Fox and look in the lower left corner. There will be a new fox there. Clicky him and you are masked. Easy. :sunglasses:

Unless things have changed drastically recently, it won’t be much use for downloading stuff – waay too slow. It has its uses though – I used to use it to get onto certain networks where the whole Asia-Pacific region is banned for being a pain in the ass (script kiddies by the million).

Unfortunately there are now sites maintaining lists of known Tor-running IPs which can be used to ban it to an extent. And of course, if you end up on one of those lists, it will apply to you whether you’re still running Tor or not.

I use Cotse with great success.