If noticed that since I started using Firefox, I do not have the option of saving a picture as a jpeg file, for instance. All of them are saved as bitmaps. I tried IE and I could do it. I guess it must be a question of settings. Any advice?

“Save Image As” on Firefox’s right-click context menu, at least in the versions of Firefox I’ve used, saves the image as whatever filetype it already is on the web page. It saves jpegs as jpegs, gifs as gifs, etc.

How do I get to the context menu?

How do I get to the context menu?[/quote]

Make sure your cursor is over the image you want to save. Then Right-click. A menu will come up. One of the options is “Save Image As …”. Choose that one.

Thanks for the advice. Now, look at the other problem that’s bothering me. My pc won’t read cds. What can I do about it?

It goes shiny side down, you put it in upside down :loco:

I wasn’t that easy to get it in. What lubricant can I use?

Do you have the right drivers ?

What is a driver?

It obviously hasn’t gone all the way in, AAF. Get yer hands on a big hammer.