Fireguard is Drowned by a Cruel Training of Swimming

What a pathetic news!

It seems to be a record of murdering for the training of swimming in Taipei County Fire Department. One fireguard was treated cruelly by his two instructors. The fireguard’s head was pinned by them under the water untill he was drowned and couldn’t breathe at all.

Unbelievable. I hope someone is doing jail time for this. Heads should be rolling! :bluemad:

Agreed, the guy was clearly exhausted, and they didn’t even look at him while continually shoving him under.

Did you see the brother? He had the look of pure anger. Those instructors will be safer in jail.

Stuff like this makes me violent. Rank amateurs screwing around with a person’s life. Who was in charge of these swine?
:grrr: :bluemad:

I saw this on TV news today. Utterly appalling. The trainers killed the man and the whole thing was filmed. What the hell? And what the hell was the cameraman doing? Jesus!

This is straightforward gross negligence manslaughter. They killed him, for chrissakes. In what goddam other country is a simulated drowning part of lifeguard training?

Heads need to roll from the top down. This is absolutely and completely irrelevant to the training of lifeguards and is simply bullying. “To teach him what it is like to drown” - WTF? And this is what being shot in the head at point-blank range is like, you sadist scumbags.