Firewood in Miaoli county area?

Hi. Does anyone know where I can find a regular supply of firewood for a pizza oven I plan to build in my restaurant?
Much obliged if someone can point me in the right direction! The restaurant will be in the Jhunan area. Miaoli county.

  1. 農漁林牧 section of the yellow pages you will find subsection 木材 there should be a lot of them so get calling.

  2. Find a mushroom farmer or go to the local COA extension center and ask who sells wood for mushroom farms.

  3. Ask a local restaurant who they buy their wood from.

If you’re in Changhua I know where to go for all three and actually know where the place is located in Puxin Township and they sell it at $2.7 per kg iirc.

Hey thanks Okami! I’m in the Miaoli area. I heard there’s a guy in Taipei who has a wood-burning pizza oven & apparently he gets his wood from as far south as Tainan, but I’m not prepared to go that far.
But what’s a COA extension centre?

Tainan seems pretty far if the guy lives in Taipei, because I do know that you can buy wood in Taipei. I’m not sure if it is usable for pizza ovens or not.

COA=Council of Agriculture: Probably one of the nicer and more useful branches of the Taiwanese govt. Only the Wufeng branch in Taichung County does mushroom research and they’re the ones who gave me the Puxin address. The one in Dacun, Changhua County does a lot with hydroponics and they also have a beneficial insect research center. I forgot what the one in Shulin, Taipei County does.

Here’s the web page for Miaoli’s COA:
Address: 苗栗縣公館鄉館南村261號

I’d personally use the telephone book and visit each wood seller or pay some chickadee $100/hr to call each one in the phone book and ask them if they sold wood.