First Lord Lucan Invitational Happy Hour for 2009 TONIGHT!

Spring’s almost here, we better get started on this.
The Inaugural Lord Lucan Invitational Happy Hour for 2009.

It’s Friday, if you still have a job, come and celebrate.
If you don’t, come and get all fucked up for pretty cheap.

Tonight, Friday, March 27.
730 pm
Alleycat’s Song Ren
#285 Song Ren Rd., at the confluence of Song Ren and Wu Hsing St.
Chiefy will be hosting on the Promenade Deck from 730 on.
Specials include San Miguel (the good stuff, in bottles) for NT$100

Also, for those who didn’t make it out on Monday, we’ll we replaying Tigerman’s Most Excellent Swamp Gas Mix.
Best pizza in Taipei, hottie wait staff, what the hell else could you want??

Note: FNGs and French people welcome, but if you get too stupid you might have to buy one of the Old Dudes a shot to avoid getting slapped.

Thank Christ! I just checked with my travel agent and it’s simply impossible to get a seat on a plane to Taipei tonight, so I guess you’ll just have to start without me!


I wasn’t invited. I’m going home to cry.

Will the real Lord Lucan be there?

Do they serve any food or do I have to go there pre-fed?

It’s a pizzeria.

He shaved that old 'stache. Is he actually coming to this event? Can I have him sign his book and take a photo with him or will there be a charge?

Well…he’s invited, erm…hence the name!!!

See y’all there then.

gosh darn. I’m not in the 'wan until Sunday. I would have enjoyed the progressive pontifications.

Damn…this actually sounds like a HH I would enjoy.

Raise one to the south Gents…Le’chayim!

It was great seeing Lord Lucan and the Chief. And Bubba 2 Guns. I had the bestest time! Thanks for being there!

It was great, except for that Irish toff on the lam.

Would love to have attended, if not for the pizzas, Mr 2Guns’ wry humour. Pity I only saw the OP ex post facto. :frowning:
Edit: And missed meeting the chief. The only man who can quote Apocalypse Now as accurately as I can.