Fishing In Taiwan


I have never been to Taiwan, but am considering moving there for work. I was just wondering what the recreational fishing was like?


There are artificial ponds, rivers, coast and boat fishing. There’s a lot of fishing, but of course in some areas it’s forbidden to fish. AFAIK there’s no restrictions in the coast or “normal” rivers.

You also can fish shrimps in some weird shrimp pools, and then grill them (if you catch any).


In Yilan we have mostly catfish or catfish-like things in rivers and creeks. Locals fish them all the time, I guess they must taste nice but the water looks way too dodgy for me.
It’s basically free-for-all, as long as you don’t fish in tourist areas, waterfalls etc etc. Rivers, creeks and the seaside are always full of fishermen.
No idea if a license is required, no one I know has it. Also, no idea if different regions follow different rules.


Sure, all the fertilizers, engine oil, smoke, rust and shit can´t but add taste to it!


They spread chemicals on rice fields for months and then go fishing in the rivers/creeks where rice fields dump their extra water. And then eat the fish.
Then when they feel sick:“I’m not feeling comfortable, it must be a sun allergy”.