🎣 Fishing

I’m in. :thinking:


This sounds like the perfect vacation. We should probably get an actual DJ for our charter though.

I can only fish while listening to the entire HMS Pinafore. Hope the DJ has that shit in his serato.

Shrimping, now that’s a good time!

This is an old website, but it has some good information.

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I have fished here around Tainan since I have been here. I must say fishing in TW is difficult. Fish sources have been depleted along the coastline, the locals don’t throw anything back, there are no regulations as per bag limits…The river mouths are inundated with nets ,also there is very little structure off the West coast. Freshwater proves as difficult due to more illegal nets from foreign workers. The techniques used in TW also differ from what I am used to. Nevertheless I have been able to catch and release a fair amount. I have seen hooks here that do not have holes in the eye and are stamped flat…I mean WTF…

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Also this

I’m in Nantou so I’m looking at freshwater fishing. Looking at google there seems to be a lot of waterways around, although I can’t do much exploring until I get a scooter… but surely there’s some to go around.

I see there are paid fishing ponds around, although they look kinda grim…

Yeah I’ve been looking over it. Literally the only thing I could find apart from an old thread here.

I’ll bring the beer, @overnightoats666, you bring the cryst- I mean bait. You bring the bait.

Are people all catching it to eat? There should be some regulations. I always throw it back because I’m not eating it.

I read on that blog that there’s some ponds in Zhunan where it’s like 200ntd for catch and release and 1200 to keep so it could be either

I consider myself an amateur chef so I now am keen to catch some snakehead and whip up a good old (beer battered) fish and chips

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Yea, 98% of the pay ponds on the island are catch to eat. normally stocked with saltwater species from Snapper, Barramundi, pompano, grouper etc…They can get very expensive…I’ve been to places that will charge 3000NT for 2 hours fishing, but you get to take home what you catch or you can have the option to sell the fish back to them. Recently over the past few years some people have started to fish catch and release, and there have been a few pay ponds that offer this popping up. Prices are around 250- 500NT for a days fishing ,strictly catch and release. Tseng Wen Reservoir remains the best place for giant snake head. There have been 2 I.G.F.A world records set there by two South Africans a few years ago, one for the smaller species snake head and the other for predatory carp.

They eat snakehead in Thailand.

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Oh yeah the blog said the keep pond was far more popular. Barramundi huh… I’m interested. I do enjoy a good barra.
Will keep Tsengwen in mind… looks like it’s about 1.5 hours from me.

There is a flotilla on the dam itself, where one can stay over night on with a tent. You can fish off there for bighead carp and other species too. Not sure of the price or contact details though, I think they have a FB page.

Sounds interesting I’ll look it up

And man this looks sick. I wonder if you can do it in Taiwan. Probably not.

I couldn’t find a facebook page but I did find this
I think that’s it.

So what do you do while you fish, drink?

I tried that, didn’t move an inch!

And enjoy nature!

Oh yeah, sitting on a concrete pier, catching tiny fish.

Well, I imagine nature is more enjoyable after a few pom kryptonites