Five Controversial Board Games

Has anyone ever played one of these? Does anyone own one?

I had and used to play Battleship, but not the one with the womenfolk doing the dishes in the background…

I wish I could get Trivial Pursuit again. That was a damn fine, if not controversial, game.

My parents have it at their place. I played it last time I went back to Australia. My father and I will probably crack it out again when I’m there soon.

Trivial Pursuit? Yeah, it’s an awesome game.

The questions are a bit dated though. The edition we have is from the 1980s, I think. I suck at brown, have issues with pink and orange, am a bit of a monster at green and yellow, and am an absolute beast at blue.

I bought my daughter the game of Life for Christmas a few years ago. She was 8. They never got into it. It was way too hard for me to figure out anyway. Now they have a computer controller instead of just using dice. The old games were much simpler, you just rolled the dice and stick the plastic people-sticks in the cars.

I’m a pretty big fan of The Suicide Bomber Game. It’s actually really fun to play when you’re sitting around with a friend with a few minutes to kill… uh, so to speak. :wink: … -card-game

I would think Lunch Money would also be a little controversial… I mean it does advocate schoolyard violence and the point of the game is to render all of your opponents unconscious with various moves like roundhouse kicks while using weapons like knives and hammers.

Ghettopoly looks wicked, I want to get that game.