Flag Football

Is there anyone out there willing to play or how to American football.
I don’t mean soccer I mean grid iron football. I use to coach so any
skill level is fine. I the football just looking for people willing to try.
Flag or tackle are both good. :bravo:

Yes! I wanna try the Flag one if it’s in Taipei.

Well so far there are 4 people who want to play. We need another
8 to started.

So if anyone wants to play some American football this weekend . I think we have enough guys now. Whoever wants want to play this weekend just show up. I play football rain or shine . I think rain makes it alot more fun.

I’m a little bit late on this post but I’m interested too! Are you guys still playing? How is it going? Where and when is it?
Do you have a fantasy league for this nfl season?


I am late on this post, too…I would love to chuck the pigskin around. In any event, if this type of activity could happen this fall, let me know! I’m in the Taoyuan area but I’m willing to travel far and wide to smash skulls…even playing catch or running routes is cool with me…

Fantasy League? Does it exist here?.. :astonished:


I played a little run and catch with rokack at Taida like three weeks ago.

But there’re too few players, only three last time.

If there’re more people who’re interested, we could arrange another game during weekend.


Hey - is it still on? I would like to play if its anywhere near Taipei. :taz:

I’m also up for American football if it’s near Taipei, even to just throw the ball around …

New Flag Football League starting up in Taipei Starting this weekend.

League format is 7 on 7, flag football, more complete rules will be distributed and discussed at the initial league meeting.

Teams forming this saturday, or if you have your own team, interested feel free to come.

Email me at chewy32@cal.berkeley.edu or 0939973139 for more information.

Do you love American Football? Do you still want to play or just be around it but, you are too old or have an injury that prevents you from playing? Then come out and be a referee. Spend Sundays with football!! The Taiwan American Flag Football Association is looking for people to be referees. We are currently running an 8 team league and would like full-time referees. This is the real thing. If you don’t have experience that is ok, we will be able to give you all the tools you need. This a PAID position! We have league events after every week’s games where we have special discounts at restaurants and bars. We have an end of season party with free food and alcohol! This league has become a huge success. Help make us better. Please contact Brian - bauch92126@yahoo.com or 0916357188. Don’t miss out!!!

Your favorite sport sucks. :raspberry:

Tangentially related, I was pissed that I stayed up until 2 last night to watch the Pats-Jets game but they re-ran the Colts-Chiefs game instead. Goddamn it. The wacky finish to the Seahawks-Cowboys game yesterday afternoon made up for it, I guess.

A bit harsh! I think bauch had all the good intention, nice way of forumosa regulars to great a new poster! :doh:

That was truly wacky. I watched it live over lunch at Chili’s. Monumental fuck-up. The Cowboys didn’t deserve the victory IMO, blowing such a routine play like that, and likely for the game. Can Romo put it past him though and lead Dallas next year is the big question.

Oh boy, something tells me (his avatar) that j99l88e77 is not going to like the final score from New Orleans.

Saints 27, Eagles 24.

I like this Saints story, the ultimate feel-good story of the NFL this year after their woeful 3-13 season last year and having to play in a temporary venue for their home games in the wake of the hurricane Katrina disaster before returning home to the Superdome this season.

From ESPN:

I wouldn’t mind at all if they won the Super Bowl this year, but they are clearly underdogs from here on in regardless of who advances in the final games this weekend and next.

Not to be a pedant, but the rest of the world plays football.

And canada has canadian football. the fourth down is for the weak.

The Spring 2009 Season of theTaiwan American Flag Football Association (“TAFFA”) will start on March 15, 2009.


TAFFA has been running a 7 on 7 American flag football league in Taipei, Taiwan since 2006. TAFFA leagues are fun and competitive for athletes of all skill levels.

Spring 2009 Season

The Spring 2009 Season will start on March 15, 2009. Teams or individuals must register with TAFFA by March 8, 2009.

If you are interested in registering a team or if you would like to sign up as a free agent, please send your contact information to taffaregistration@yahoo.com and we will send you all necesarry registration information.

I’m bringing a football to taiwan during my month visit because, well, i love firing the pigskin around. If anyone’s down to just toss around or have a game of touch football, hit me up! email me, i’m afraid to put my number on this board =p

(go eagles!)

I’d love to play, I assume you’ll be in TP? I’m in Taizhong.