Flag Proposals for China, Taiwan, Hong Kong


Shouldn’t there be 50 little swastikas on that flag?


It’s fascism. Can’t have 50 states running around in the Third Reich.


I think the whole idea of incorporating “descendants of the Yellow Emperor” symbolism is problematic, as this trope usually appears in “blood and soil” rhetoric from politicians, on both sides of the Taiwan Strait, often implying that “unification” is inevitable.


Don’t you think it is possible to be, for example, French, without degrading into ethnic nationalism?

You see what I’m trying to say?

Although of course the danger is there. However, China is indeed Chinese. Its history and civilization are uniquely Chinese, and it can’t be right to forbid its expression either.


It’s hard to say without seeing it, and I’m not sure I get the symbolism, but somehow “four hearts bound with the precious bond of unity” just doesn’t scream “China” to me.


It’s this one.

I added the golden bond to signify unity. And also because without a differentiating element, it looks too much like the imperial emblem of Japan.


Yes, of course. And while the ideals represented by the Tricolore may not be terribly representative of present day France, at least the message is a positive one.

The “descendants of the Yellow Emperor” trope just has too much baggage associated with it.


Can we say that an Uyghur or a Tibetan or a Manchu can be a descendant of the Yellow Emperor by citizenship and not by bloodline?

I am proposing a redefinition of what ‘descendants of the Yellow Emperor’ means.

It’s a new political identity for a new nation.


I’d say that a new nation needs new symbolism, not an old trope that reeks of ethnonationalism. I suppose that with enough effort you could redefine what that concept means, but that would be a major feat of rebranding.

Wouldn’t it be simpler to just start from scratch, or if you want to go traditional, use more neutral Chinese symbolism like a dragon or something? And dragons have the plus of looking cool on flags.

It’s too bad the Koreans have already used the yin yang symbol (and ba gua as well). Those damn cultural appropriators!


Dragon is indeed cool. But Dr. Sun Yat Sen tried to build a modern China. Dragon belongs to other aspects of a modern China, I think, but not the overall representation. It would be like returning to the Qing dynasty.

I am proposing new answers to the questions of ‘What is China’? It’s not the Communist Party. ‘What is a Chinese’? It’s not [necessarily] a Han ethnic.

Or perhaps I can approach yellow this way: Since ancient times yellow has always been the sovereign color of the monarch, namely the emperor. And the main river of China is of course, the Yellow River. In the free and democratic modern China, the people are the sovereign of the nation. And so the color yellow represents both the people and the sovereignty of the people.


Also, to answer the question of Hansioux which I missed, the size of the emblem is bigger to differentiate the proposed flag of China from the Japanese flag.


In fact, dragons on the coat of arms of China featuring a yellow shield with the blue disc and white 12-point star emblem would be cool indeed.

That would be a coat of arms, as distinct from a flag.


Update: The Flag of the independent and sovereign Republic of Taiwan


That’s weird. The green does not come out right. Oh well.


The Flag of the Republic of Taiwan is the
proposed new flag of the Republic of Taiwan.
It is a vertical tricolor of green, white and blue
charged with a five-hearts symbol in gold in
the center of the white stripe

Green represents independence, white
represents democracy, while blue represents

The symbol in the center is a synthesis of the
concept of four hearts in harmony and the
plum blossom. It is rendered in gold,
representing the nation as a precious
possession of the entire people

What do you think of this?


The blue and green are a bit too neon. The gaps between the hearts are a bit too narrow. Other than the color, it’s a decent design, albeit a pretty common design choice.


The actual colors are not neon. I don’t know why the colors come out like that.