Flag Proposals for China, Taiwan, Hong Kong


Flag of a future free and democratic China

Flag of the independent Republic of Taiwan

Flag of the independent Hong Kong


This one looks way better than the one you posted in the Taiwan flag design proposal thread. Simple yellow and blue pairing is easy on the eyes. I think the proportion of the emblem is too large though.

The other two are meh… The neon green in the 4 heart design doesn’t go with regular red. The orangeish yellow cross almost appears brownish with the other colors.


Yes. I realized that the people of Taiwan want to be free, so it will have to be a distinct country with a distinct flag.


  1. The Flag of China
    The yellow field refers to the people as the descendants of the Yellow Emperor. It also refers to the earth and land of China. It expresses Huaxia. It represents the people.

The white star in azure disc refers to the saying of Dr. Sun Yat Sen, ‘Under Heaven All are Equal’. This emblem represents democracy and equality. It expresses a Chinese political philosophy namely Tianxia, which has been updated to the times.

  1. The Flag of the Republic of Taiwan
    The field is a green-blue color. It is an expression of unity between the greens and the blues of Taiwan. It expresses Taiwanese democratic sovereignty inwardly and at the same time outwardly mutual respect with other nations [China being one among them].

This color needs fixing. It is indeed too neon. But it will be a green-blue [teal] shade.

The emblem is the four hearts bound with the precious bond of unity, expressed in red and gold. Around are eight 8-pointed stars representing the 8 administrative divisions of Taiwan.

  1. The Flag of Hong Kong
    The field consists of two horizontal bands of red and blue, representing its Chinese [red] and British [blue] roots, as well as visual-abstractly representing Hong Kong as the Fragrant Harbor.

The emblem is Bauhinia Blakeana, the Hong Kong Orchid surrounded by 18 stars representing Hong Kong and its 18 administrative divisions. The five petals and five points of the stars represent the core values of Hong Kong, namely freedom, democracy, human rights, rule of law and clean governance.


You do realize those two points are in conflict. Unless China is willing to give up lands belonging to those not a part of the Han ethnicity, there are going to be people who do not recognize the Yellow emperor statement, and who do not consider themselves Huaxia. Therefore by imposing that ideal into the flag, it suppresses their freedom to express their ethnic identity and thus negates the “Under Heaven All are Equal” claim. Or maybe I can fix this for you and SYS:

‘Under Heaven All are Equal, if you are ethnic Han’

There, fixed.


I honestly like the KMT flag, I’ve yet to see a flag proposed that looks more legit. It’s really a nice looking flag.


If we are just talking design, the NAZI and the Japanese imperial flags were pretty well designed too.


Hmm you are right about ethnicity.

But I think Dr. Sun Yat Sen’s words ‘All are equal under Heaven’ would apply to a democratic China, would it not?

Also, we can say that the symbolism of yellow in this flag wouldn’t negate other ethnicities in a democratic China because acknowledging a majority is not the same as negating a minority.

But that’s a good point. And indeed they originally used the five-colors flag to signify other ethnicities too.


Thanks Andrew. I’m fixing the colors to make it more legitimate.

What do you think about the proposed flags of free China and Hong Kong?


Perhaps we can say that all the people of China, regardless of ethnicities, are descendants of the Yellow Emperor. The Han people by [supposed] bloodline and the other ethnicities by political and value participation.

Also, in a democratic China, provinces would be free to have their own provincial identities, laws, flags etc insofar as they do not contradict the overall [democratic and inclusive, the way Dr. Sun Yat Sen intended it] Chinese identity, law and flag.

So we can have for example the Manchurian flag flying in its proper position relative to the Tianxia-Huaxia flag.

In other word, other ethnicities would be ‘adopted’ into an inclusive and democratic [political] Huaxia identity without renouncing their own ethnic identities.

You can be ethnic Uyghur and political Huaxia at the same time, so long as you hold to the same values and participate in the political life of the nation.


Not going to lie. The nazis had pretty good flags and symbols.


I’m just not understanding what that symbol is in the middle you know.


I’m sure if you favor a ethnic Han dominant China, that kind of thing is just fine.


The HK one is nice though. I just want the Taiwan one to look bad ass.


Yep. Hitler may have been a failed artist (and wannabe architect), but he was a pretty awesome graphic designer.


Andrew, that’s the stylized representation of the Hong Kong orchid currently also present in the present Hong Kong flag.

Well, the idea is ‘One is a Chinese [not necessarily Han] and thus descendant of the Yellow Emperor who holds to these values and is a citizen of the nation’.

It is not intended to be a symbol of ethnic supremacy. It is in fact intended to be inclusive of all other ethnicities.



Yeah that’s what I’m thinking eagle of Rome and a bad ass flag when ROC takes back the mainland and plant that flag in nanjing and make it the capital again.


The background color as rendered on your flag looks more like lime green to me. And anyway, I think using some kind of turquoise to represent unity between Blues and Greens (which doesn’t exist anyway) is a little too abstract for flag symbolism. Maybe having both blue and green on the flag in some combination would work better.


The Roman Eagle is indeed badass.

Well, I hope China will in the future purge herself of the filth of communism and build a free and democratic nation based on human rights and the rule of law.

Hmmm, a badass symbol for Taiwan? Kinda hard with the ‘four hearts in harmony thing’.


I tried both blue and green on the flag, but it ended up looking generic.

Yes, that is a horrible shade. I am looking for a suitable shade. Will show you again.

What do you think of the four hearts bound with the precious bond of unity?