Flash Card Sets (What do you want to see?)

I still love using flash cards and am going to start making more. What you you want to see made out of curiousity? In the past I was always taking things out of text books, or adding cards “randomly” when I ran into something I didn’t know, but I think I’m going to make some “themed” based ones.

Ones on my mind are:
Measure Words
Language Teaching (saying stuff like present progressive and simple progress in Chinese)
Video Games (names of popular games and systems)

Things like that. What think you? I’ll get a site up with the ones I make and a person should be able to (theoritically) download them and turn them into anything they want (they’ll just be txt files.) I also had an idea of making a Wiki where groups of people could somehow colaborate to make and maintain flashcards, but…’

Jest curious.

I think it’s nice to have the 部首 bu4shou3 (section header – please don’t call them radicals!!!) in a different color or ink tone. Just my two bits.

These will just be regular text files, I won’t be doing anything particularly special. Though I do agree with have the radicals (oops… uh uh section heads) a different color. Someone else turned me on to that some time back, though I’ve never used it myself.

Traditional characters (with simplified and/or alternate versions in parentheses)

Hanyu Pinyin with tone marks

Are the marks way better than numbers? Maybe I’ll use marks this time (I’ve always just used numbers.)

You think I should throw the simplified in with all vocabulary. Is that something I’ll be happy I did one day?

Are the marks way better than numbers?[/quote]

Personally, reading Pinyin with tone marks is so much easier. I find the numbers slow me down quite a bit.

Any chance of doing a set on food. By this I mean names of dishes from “Zao dian’s” and then progress to the same for lunch and dinner. I hate to just point at the signs.

I just got a PDA and Pleco and I was going to do this myself.

I want to see the Juggernaut!

That’s something I considered in the past. Like stuff you’d see on a breakfast, lunch or dinner menu. Maybe even more “high tech” menu items you wouldn’t normally find.

But I don’t have a problem reading menus anymore. If there’s interest, I’d do it for fun in me freetime though.

That reminds me (don’t as why :slight_smile:.) I want to do a set on kungfu moves and vocabulary as well.


You joined forumosa 2002, me August 2005 so for me flashcards on food would be great.

Just to suck up I do use the first set you made all the time while at work.

Cool! :smiley:

In a week or so I should have a page with all my old databases up and a revition of the 3000 character one (which is still a work in progress.)

I’ll put that on the list then. :slight_smile:

Miltownkid, honestly, you should just make the flashcards for whatever you’re interested in studying. It’s not like you have so much free time that you can be taking requests from everybody.

As far as tone numbers or tone marks are concerned, I don’t think it matters a whole lot. Even if tone numbers are slower to read, so what? It’s not like you’re reading paragraphs at a time on the flashcards. It’s usually just one to four characters at a time. I personally use the tone numbers too because it’s easiest to type, and you don’t have to worry about unicode support or whatever you would need for the tone marks to be able to display properly.

I still use text books a lot for studying since my Chinese is not all that great now. I’m currently on ShiDa Book 3, but I’ve already completed Taiwan Today recently. After that, I’m not sure which book I’ll choose, but it’s probably going to be another one of the books produced by ShiDa since I already have a lot of them at home. Books aren’t the only way to study, but it’s a convenient way that can be used to supplement other ways of studying.

If you are interested in some random databases for Supermemo, try this page. It’s from a guy who used to post on forumosa a while back. I find a lot of these sets a little too academic for my tastes, but everybody is different.

I’ll definitely be interested in seeing any flashcard sets that you make. Hopefully you can get treated to some beers or some paypal donations for your efforts.

i have started to use chinese songs to learn chinese recently, i find it easier to stay in touch with chinese with a full time job this way.

would it be possible for you to use the lyrics of the song and create a set of flash cards for them.

just a request , i am not sure if its possible.


I was thinking about making sets for the sole purpose of selling/trading them (with my LETS things), so I thought I’d see where people’s interest lay. I was also just knowledge digging to see if someone would come up with anything I hadn’t thought of.

Yes it would, but I think you’re better off just learning the whole song “straight up.” The lyrics with pinyin under them is what I’d do (and did.)


There should only be a handful of new vocabulary to look up in a song.

Have you considered doing some religious ones? Buddhist and Christian terms?

No, but that made me think about doing some cards on the major (and minor) Chinese “Gods”, holidays, Historical folk, etc. I would like that and it would be fun putting together.

That’s a great idea! :bravo: It would probably have a wider market too. :wink:

On the Gods my wife loves them. Is there a book or website identifying which is which and what they are?

I happened to run into this on Wikipedia today: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tu_Di_Gong

I’m sure there must be more there. I bet there’s page dedicated to it somewhere on the Intraweb