Flashcard Project (Group Creation of Flashcards)

A while back I had the idea of starting a wiki (or something) where people could add to flashcard lists. I then though there could be a way that the list that were made could be used in different flashcard programs (like supermemo :smiley:) or just printed and used.

Then some time back I saw a website that had the ability to group edit word/excel documents (I can’t remember the name of the site, but i think they were bought by google.)

If some format could be adhered to, large flashcard sets could be made by a bunch of people using their leisure time (instead of one pounding away at a computer day after day.)

Just a though (anyone know that site I’m talking about?)

Ah! Found “the real thing.” Anyone want to get started?


Flashcards can be made in spreadsheets for supermemo. Here’s how:
mapletop.com/supermemo/manua … m#TSVFileA

And here’s the original site I was talking about…

(three posts in a row :smiley:)


You guys have got me really hyped about supermemo and all these flashcard lists. I’m definitely a flashcard learner; I have thousands organized into neat little piles around my room, and I’d love to keep them all in a handy palm. I’m going to buy that new TX soon.

I really want to help! But I don’t know how to do this stuff. I don’t have Excel right now, and even if I did, I don’t know how to use it, especially for creating Chinese flashcard lists. I know Miltownkid posted a website with instructions/information, but I’m TERRIBLE on computers, and it kind of goes over my head.

Maybe, in order to get a serious, concerted effort going to create coordinated flashcard lists, someone (like Miltownkid, or any of various others that seem knowledgeable about this stuff) could pick a Sunday to have a short “instructional meeting.” Then everyone would be on the same page and we could make some serious progress.

Or maybe I’m the only one who doesn’t know how to create these lists…I’m seriously behind in the tech. department, but I love Chinese and flashcards!

Just an idea =)

It’s actually really easy to make the lists, but it’s a tedious process. The one’s I made thus far equate to many mans hours of typing.

I’d be willing to take my laptop somewhere and show someone how to go about making the lists. I’d like to get them into a format that could used across multiple programs (not just supermemo, even though it’s my favorite.)

You might want to get in contact with Adam Sheik. He has a top-notch program for Cantonese. It’s basically a collaborative dictionary.

Take a look at:
cantonese.sheik.co.uk/dictio … rds/13994/

He might be willing to let you in on how he has that thing set up.