Flat sheets (2021 edition)

So I’m in Kaohsiung looking for the simplest piece of fabric man can produce. I’ve scraped through all the old posts about flat sheets, have gone to IKEA, Dollars, Hola (House furnishings) and several Bedding World stores, and still for the love of gob can’t find a single one. Apparently this country is still madly in love with wrestling duvet covers back on their comforters after every wash.

Before I haul off and order from abroad, does anybody know if there’s even a term for flat sheets? Google Translate isn’t cutting it.

What is a flat sheet?

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You could rent a room and relieve the hotel of one :joy:

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The cheapest option would be to go to Dinhua and buy some 60"+ wide linen, go up to the third floor and ask someone to hem it for you while you wait. Otherwise I don’t know. I brought mine from the states.
ETA. Oops. Missed the Kaoshiung part

Carrefour online, then do pick up. There are many shops south of old rail station that sell rolls of clothing by the metre , on Central Mountain road.