Flea Bags. I'm losing it...Pictures of street puppies

I almost cried today. It was too much. I picked up a litter of five two blocks from my school. I’ve never seen anything like this, and I bet many of you haven’t either. It’s a wonder these pups are still alive. There are three black ones and two brown ones. Cute pups and luckily fleas are easy to cure. Within 12 hours of the treatment they’ll all be dead. The pups all have skin problems due to being eaten alive but they will recover quickly with a steady meal. :s


damn… Bobepine, I can see why you nearly cried too…

Definitely keep us posted about them. I have long wished to take in a cat here, but landlord regulations in my building says no pets. I’m the only foreigner here so I naturally attract suspicion :frowning: , somebody would tell on me.

anyway, I really hope you help them, and admire your dedication in the South.

Keep it up

Give those pups some raw beef! They must be almost anaemic by now. :frowning:

Great work, Bobepine. :bravo: :notworthy:

Holy crap mate, where did you find those poor buggers? I guess you live further from the city than I do (being right in the middle), so I don’t see this often where I am. (I hardly see any strays at all these days, I think the catchers must have been doing their rounds around here, since they’re trying to clean up this area for the 2008 world games)

Jeeezzzz… that’s awful, how did they get in such a state? Literally being eaten alive…

Well done brother, keep up the good work here in KHH. :bravo: :notworthy:

I’ve never seen anything like that, bobepine. Thank goodness you found these poor pups.

Animals in Kaohsiung are very fortunate to have you there.

Holy Crap :noway:

Well done bobepine, YOU ARE AMAZING!! :notworthy:

hope those poor little guys will be ok.

I love you, bobpine.

they’ll remember you you know Bobpine… when they look at you, there’s always a special sparkle of gratitude and love in the eyes of an animal that you’ve helped, even years and years later… fantastic work!.. :notworthy: :notworthy: :notworthy: I hope they get healthy quickly and find good homes…

man, they are so cute :heart:

Good that YOU found them, otherwise they might not have been saved, the poor, sweet flea bagd :wink:

Those pictures are Scary Stuff!
Outstanding Work, Bobpine!

How does a thing like that happen? Were the pups all in an enclosed place?
Pretty horrid how those fleas are almost shining with engorged blood. Nasty business.

Christ! I have NEVER seen flea infestations as bad as that. I really hope you get up to Taipei sometime Bobepine. I want to shake your hand. After you’ve washed them, of course.

[quote=“trapjaw”]Holy crap mate, where did you find those poor buggers?[/quote]I found them on my way to work, in Nantze, about ten minutes north of where I live. They were hanging out in an empty lot. It was easy because they were friendly and all I had to do is pick them up and put three them in a box and two of them in the luggage box I have mounted on my scooter. I had to clean everything afterward. I found fleas on my clothes, all over my scooter and even in my bloody helmet…Lucky I have short hair…That’s where the “I’m losing it” in the thread title comes from, I was grossed right out in many ways…

It starts with the mother being infested. I also think that pups who hang out in sandy areas are more susceptible to being infested badly. It seems that the animals that hang out in the street as in “pavement and concrete” are not affected as much. You’d be surprised though how many dogs are just as badly infested. Something you can’t see unless you get up close enough. On small pups they show more because the fur is thin and they can’t hide as easily.

The good news is they are now free of fleas and I’m sure feeling a lot more comfortable.

I contacted www.savedogs.org and asked if they would help us because we are short on cash and they agreed to take full responsibility for the pups. They will use the pictures to raise awarness of the ever challenging problem with strays and the importance of neutering our pets. I can not thank them enough. :notworthy: :notworthy: :notworthy:

Here’s a rather touching quote from one of savedogs founder:

Thank you everyone for the kind words, I have no further comments at this point.


For those of you interested who can read Chinese, there’s a story about the puppies on www.savedogs.org front page. Maybe they’ll have an English version soon.

The pups are recovering well and they need loving homes.


[quote=“bobepine”]For those of you interested who can read Chinese, there’s a story about the puppies on www.savedogs.org front page. Maybe they’ll have an English version soon.

The pups are recovering well and they need loving homes.


Engrish version, courtesy of Babelfish:

[ Animal urgent rescue group network edition group/Gaoxiong reported ] likes not dividing the national boundary, a pair foreign husbands and wives which is engaged in English teaching work in Taiwan, is engaged in for a long time in the Gaoxiong area roams about the animal rescue work, last week retrieved on a nest body in the Gaoxiong cedar Chinese catalpa to cover entirely over a thousand fleas the puppies, and handed over by the Taiwan animal urgently rescues the small subassembly following medical service to illuminate protects, 獸醫師 indicated, starts doing business until now for several years never to see over a thousand fleas’ terrorist pictures, the puppy picks a life after 軀 the insect.

Comes from Canada’s Chris with that tower Mr. and Mrs. Xia, two months with the Taiwan animal urgent rescue group cooperation, have rescued Gaoxiong area nearly 20 to roam about the dog, have the bungee to force dog acute communicable disease dog, heavy cold also whole body skin disease puppy and so on, which the throat dog, borders on the death they also raised three roadsides to retrieve roams about the cat, so selflessly paid, only hoped for a Taiwan land minute mental effort, let the Taiwan 義工 good move.

Is engaged in Chris in Gaoxiong which English makes up teaches to work with that tower Mr. and Mrs. Xia, last week in Gaoxiong cedar Chinese catalpa area Le Ch’uanchieh the roadside, discovered a nest puppy, the whole body skin disease also covers entirely over a thousand fleas, is quite pitiful, two husbands and wives do not fear the internal organs, hugs five puppies to load into on the vehicle the paper box, and contacts with the Taiwan animal urgent rescue group, after consults transfers toward the left barracks area animal hospital treatment.

獸醫師 indicated that, on five puppies bodies has over a thousand fleas, this kind of picture not has seen in his disciple of a master more than 10 years year, likes ten thousand needles perforations general, is extremely fearful; In addition, in five puppies’ bowel movements also is full is the roundworm, 研判 is the living conditions badly creates, after fortunately passes through the deinsectization treatment temporarily to escape danger, but five puppies have the serious skin disease, estimated most little must continue to treat a month and a half, can convalesce.

This to the foreign husbands and wives more than two months, has successively notified rescues nearly 20 Taiwan to roam about the cat dog, has last December the rubber washer which retrieved in the universal love road to force the throat dog, this January the dog acute communicable disease dog which retrieved in the firewood mountain footpath is on the verge of death, quite several nests heavy cold, skin disease puppy and so on, took over the following treatment by the animal urgent rescue group according to protect the work, group 義工 believed, the public figure of foreign nationality could show loving concern on the Taiwan land to roam about the animal, was quite rare, therefore the animal urgent rescue group also decided completely absorbed the following treatment related expense.

Wants 認養 the please 速來 electricity to reach agreement to look at the dog:
Urgent rescue group telephone: 0,938 - 239,769

I also want the circular urgent rescue | next piece | to return to the rescue factual record to tabulate

Thank you kindly Mr. Stu. It’s a bit of a rough translation but knowing the details already I can get the just of it. I actually just read an email from save dogs telling me that they will have it translated eventually but they are too busy at the moment so your post is a pleasant surprise. :slight_smile:

Right back at you in a heartbeat. :heart: :heart:


I’m just relieved to read that you have the bungee to force dog. I’ll also rest easy, safe in the knowledge that you and your wife are unafraid of the internal organs.

[quote=“sandman”]I’m just relieved to read that you have the bungee to force dog. I’ll also rest easy, safe in the knowledge that you and your wife are unafraid of the internal organs.[/quote]Glad to hear since we’re talking about “fleas terrorist”.


One story about bobepine has been already been translated, along with a bunch of other stories (most of them really depressing, I’m afraid) on the savedogs website… Just select the “English version” button on the bar at the top of the page. Go check it out http://www.savedogs.org

Bobepine…You rock! :notworthy:
There may yet remain hope for humanity.

You’re a good man, Bob. :rainbow:

I wish I had the room to adopt a pup.