Flights from Taipei to LA

As this will be my first trip home in August, I have no idea what the price of a ticket should be. I have been told by numerous travel agents that they can’t quote me a price until June because it’s “high season.” Although, I was quoted $25,000 the other day by a different travel agent. I know what I paid to get over here last year and it sure as hell wasn’t 25 G’s. Should I wait until June or have at the 25 grand quote? All help is certainly appreciated.

hello when do you exactly depart to lax

If you fly China Airlines will you take some rescued dogs for us?

$25000 isn’t a bad deal in august, they seem to really hike up the prices around that time. i went back home twice to LA since being in taiwan- the first time was in may for $20000, the second time in august for $30000 or so. i would shop around a bit and see, but that might be the lowest you can find for that time.

I am leaving on August 12th and sorry but I will not take any stray dogs home with me

Hi, Van.

You don’t need to take them home with you - we have homes for them; we just need to find someone traveling to California to ‘escort’ them for us. You see, if we ship a dog as freight, it’s about NT$20,000, but we have a deal with China Airlines whereby if the dog is taken as checked-in baggage, it costs us less than NT$2,000.

We arrange everything; you just need to meet us at the airport here and we do the rest. In LA, we arrange for the dogs to be taken from you at the airport. We even take care of all the paperwork.

If you can help, it would be great; if not, no problems, and have a good flight! :slight_smile:



hi Van

yes, indeed, August is the high season and the price is UNREAL :loco: Welcome to Taiwan and say hi to the AIRLINES :raspberry: Anyway, try Malaysian airlines first then check out Airlines’ internet site " E-ticket". LAX is a very competitive market and the price is any where from $25K to $30K for coach. Group ticketing is another way to go :laughing: A good friend of mine is in the travel business and I am part of it :notworthy: see you GO Seattle Super Sonics