Flights to India

Does anyone know any good ways to get a cheap flight from Taipei to India? I’ve heard that flying to Bangkok and getting a flight from there is cheaper. However, I’ve fired off a few e-mails to travel agents in Bangkok and the prices I’m getting don’t seem that low. Anyone know if I’d get a better price on the spot?

If you are going to southern India, then a trip through Colombo(SriLanka) will be cheapest. This route involves multiple airliners.

Malaysian and Thai will be cheapest if you do not want to change airliners.

If you can specify the exact location in India, may be I can offer some suggestions.

If you are planning to go to Delhi, i think china airlines is the cheapest and the fastest.

If you are planning to go to south India, then you might prefer taking Singapore for its good services and easy availability but Thai and Malaysian airlines would offer a cheaper ticket for sure.

Post some more details and i would try and help you with any information i have for the place

Oops, I guess I forgot to mention that I will be flying into Delhi. I’m meeting up with a friend there.

As Hsinc mentioned China Airlines is the fastest to Delhi. It is a direct flight.