Flirting when you're not sure about the current sexual preferences of other person

Yeah I’m a hetero male, I’ve been social media talking to this girl I think a girl for like on and off for a few weeks. She he is not making it aware publicly so I just don’t know I get this sense that maybe some type of male-ness going on.

In Taiwan, which is a big capital of LGTBQ+

I’m kind of just waiting it out and No I’m not going to ask directly.

What should I do?

What should she he do?

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What she say that is so male-ness like?

Why not? Nothing ventured, nothing gained!

Or just ask them what they think of the LGBTQ+ community in Taiwan and go from there.

How about texting “dick pick?” and see what kind of response you get?


Go hang out. You’ll find out soon enough and if you get along and she’s a she, great. If she’s a he and you get along, OK, that’s not bad either, right?

Do you really need to know what this person is packing downstairs before you meet up or is this a meet and greet via love motel kind of thing? In for a penny, in for a pounding?

Other than that, :popcorn:


Are you signing your name or telling the OP that the girl is a guy? :joy:


Ask her out for a date. If she’s a bloke politely say that there’s been a misunderstanding.

I assume that’s the issue here?

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I’m just glad I’m not anywhere near the dating scene anymore. Good luck with all that.


If you can’t even tell, then I’d say get over it.


you may get a Double Polaroid back


You ask.

If she’s lesbian she will tell you. Speaking in code will only result in disappointment and bad relationship.

The purpose of dates is to find if you two are compatible. If she’s lesbian then you’re not compatible.

If she won’t tell you then move on. She’s already decided if she’s into you the first 2 minute of seeing you anyways.

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I think OP is wondering if she is a he or she. Not wondering about orientation.


Well just ask. But don’t expect a truthful answer. By the way many female profiles on dating sites are fake. They literally have employees create fake profiles in order to keep customers paying. I think some of them (who are fat male) have t shirts saying “I’m your internet girlfriend”.

From Crocodile Dundee:


That’s an answer!


Tell her you are trans, then…psych.

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So this girl could be a girl who’s a boy, or a boy who’s a girl, or some girl taking to a guy online, my ho my.

Meanwhile this woman is chatting with her friends saying something along the lines of ‘I’ve been chatting with this guy for weeks and he hasn’t suggested meeting… maybe he is gay I’m not sure’



Taking pictures of it and showing it with your mates what

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