Florida Man

Is it my imagination or has there been a precipitous decline in reading comprehension these days?

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Bring me up date please. I reviewed my feedback and still fail to understand what you specifically referring to.

Thank you in advance.

Who knew that “Florida Man” could be so political. :joy:


might as well go here I guess… Floridians have put up with some pretty stupid shit, but let’s see if they put up with politicians wanting to pay the legal bills of a billionaire…


Isn’t that Florida Man (pictured above) well known for not paying his legal bills?

Could you imagine asking New Yorkers to pay them. :rofl:


Sounds like a Trump move. Amazing people still like that guy.

Alright, this one is hilarious (because nobody was injured):


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Cop even screamed he was hit. It was all just in his head.

And the diving roll!

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If a lot of soldiers end up becoming cops, how come some cop act like cowards?

A police officer heard an acorn drop on his car. Reacts by rolling on the group saying he’s hit and emptied his mag on his patrol car with an unarmed person in it. Then another idiot cop comes by and empties her clip into the same car without seeing anything.

It was just the one. I got the same impression from the video at first.

Are cops not responsible for every round that leaves his gun? Meaning stuff like this ought to be a career ending move, if not result in criminal charge?

Just what kind of training are they getting? I’ve seen some videos on police academy and it seems quite tough, but the way cops act don’t seem to suggest that they’re well trained. How much variability is there in various state’s POST certification?

Good reason to be fired. Or, at the very LEAST, a desk job, no gun. Probably even no real responsibility. Jails need janitors.

That’s what inmates are for… maybe he can join them.

In a fair and just world, anyone unloading a clip like that probably would be jailed. At least in a country that commends itself on locking up the bad guys with guns :thinking:

Yea cops get criminal charge in Taiwan for brutality and all that, but I heard in the US it’s not uncommon for departments to just quietly fire the guy and not pursue criminal charge. I mean if you’re fired as a cop your career is more or less over, because any department you apply for is going to contact the last department you worked for and they’re going to have your entire file sent over… And they look at everything, even complaints where no action was taken.

All they can possibly do is work as private security.

Are they getting fired? I am not super up on every districts ins and outs in the US. But I bet they don’t get fired. Kudos if they do. That level of unacceptable shouldn’t be allowed.

But there may be some justifications to excuse firing into no where for some.

Is there such a thing as a Chicken Little Medal? There should be. :2cents:

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