Florida Man

Post your Florida Man stories here!

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Have I mentioned I’m something of a feminist? This should be an equal opportunity thread!

Does “Georgia woman” count? NSFW

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I hope this is real.


They had to make feeding alligators illegal?

I have Florida Man’s Japanese cousin, Saitama Man

Oh lets not forget Fukuoka man aswell.


Oh found another, bit old though

Taiwan needs a Florida Man. Taoyuan Man [insert weird stuff here]


Anyone here from Taoyuan? Go and do something weird lol Taiwan is loosing at this game.

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If one records traffic, I think Taiwan is the reincarnation of Florida man, not being sarcastic. It’s a wild world out there.

Ah true. So…
Taoyuan Man rides scooter naked during typhoon while watching x rated video on phone.

How am i doing?..actually that probably happened in real life more than likely lol

Abrielle Baldwin, 23, was shot in the chest by one brother while she had her 10-month-old son in a carrier, the Florida sheriff’s office said.
The brother was then shot by their other sibling, who pulled his own gun, Pinellas County Sheriff’s Office said.
It added that the shooting followed an argument over who was getting more presents.
Sheriff Bob Gualtieri told reporters the older teenager, who is 15, ran from the scene and tossed his gun away.
The younger brother, a 14-year-old, was taken to hospital in a stable condition and will be taken into custody when he is released, police said.

Used to be normal for s outer gang kids to go through cities with swords and tasers etc. I’m sure weirder has happened. Seen monkey pets in supermarkets and iguanas at the post office. Moms head thrown out the aprtment and he got out of prison (temporarily) for being high. We got some stuff :+1:

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Yea now their in the triads and smashing up peoples stuff and smashing people.

Maybe… Just maybe… Florida Man learned from Taiwan man who hides in the shadows…

x files music now plays

I suppose this thread is a logical place for it.

It’s a mine field out there these days in the US:

Police cleared the ousted chair of the Florida Republican Party of rape allegations on Friday, but said they have asked prosecutors to charge him with illegally video recording the sexual encounter he had with a female acquaintance.

The Sarasota Police Department said in a statement that a review of a cellphone video Christian Ziegler made of the Oct. 2 encounter showed that it was “likely consensual,” making it impossible to charge him with rape. However, police said the woman told investigators that she never consented to be video recorded and was unaware it had occurred.

How about charging the accuser with filing a false police report?

Filing a false police report is a criminal offense. Depending on state law, it can result in misdemeanor or felony charges. Misleading police officers by making a false police report amounts to a crime against the criminal justice system itself. It causes law enforcement officers to undertake a criminal investigation for no reason. As a result, police resources may be unavailable to address other crimes in the community.

The fun part is that as well as him being head of the Florida Republican Party, his wife is the co-founder and president of Moms for Liberty, the ‘grassroots’ (i.e. astro-turf) Don’t Say Gay/bookbanning organization. While vigilantly protecting today’s youth from the evils of knowing gays and lesbians exist, the couple were engaged in a three-way with another woman, whom Mr. Ziegler is accused of filming without her consent (apparently the two women were more into each other). No objection to the kinky sex; just the usual rank hypocrisy.

I wonder if I search did you have anything to say about the rank hypocrisy of the dem staffer banging his buddy on capital hill? Probably not tho. :joy:

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Infidelity on both sides? Of course.

Criminal charges, not as of the moment.

If found guilty, crush him. Never f#*k with a person’s livelihood in a dishonest manner. Due process.

File charges, and again, allow due process to take its course.