Flower Of Scotland

Whilst listening to various versions of the beautiful “Flower Of Scotland”, I happened upon the tabs for the song. Jimi can now play it on the guitar! Anyone have bagpipes? I really want to perform it sometime. Give it my own little noisy twist.

Why do I get the idea that the end result will be like Dropkick Murphy’s?

‘Various versions’? I’m sure they aren’t as colourful as the ones in heard Glasgow. :laughing:

Here’s my fave:

The Teeming Masses:

Burly rugby players:

How come OTHER countries get jolly and rousing ditties but WE get a fucking DIRGE? :fume:

Jeeziz Sandy! WTF do you want? Have you heard the Aussie, NZ and SA ones? Thank yer lucky stars, man!

There’s ‘Scotland the Brave’.

It’s not a rugby song, Ms Buttercup. Still gets the goosebumps going, though.


Rugby, I’m afraid to say, is SILLY.

Utter ungirlishness. Murrayfield, I say! And begone with your nonsense.

Sandman: bit more contemporary? :laughing:

youtube.com/watch?v=sfNzaYRr … re=related

[quote=“Buttercup”]Sandman: bit more contemporary? :laughing:

youtube.com/watch?v=sfNzaYRr … re=related[/quote]
Utter crap. Consider yourself henceforth ineligible to peek at the “Health and Fitness” forum. PM yourself immediately in contrition.

Um, I can live without peeking at the flob boys’ latest weightloss challenge! Gimme sanctions I can work with, here!

OK. You have raised my dander. From now on, you will not be allowed to see how many medals Canada has won in the winter olympics. Satisfied? Now toddle off, buy yourself a set of bagpipes and learn to play “Flower Of Scotland”. If your application is tardy and lackluster, you will be henceforth banned from the Temp forum. You have been warned.

I never even touched your dander! No! Not the Canadian Olympics! Have mercy!