Flush It! New toilet paper policy to take effect in June (2017)


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I’ve been flushing my paper for years. I guess I’m just ahead of the curve.

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I’ve also been flushing my shit tickets, and will continue to do so until the “three shell” system is implemented. I don’t like smelling used toilet paper. At any rate, I’m mostly responding just to pass a friendly reminder … Don’t flush baby wipes, even if they say flushable. They’re not and they clog even the most modern sewage systems. Here’s two pictures showing what baby wipes clogging sewage systems look like.

Toilet paper dissolves in water. Baby wipes do not, even the ones that claim otherwise.

I’ve seen much more than toilet paper in the toilet bins.
I can foresee sorry love already that, when not finding bins nearby, people will end up throwing everything in the toilet. :ponder:

Interesting. Now excuse me while I throw up.

And why is he not wearing a mask? The stench must be unbearable.

We don’t wear masks in the West unless you’re part of hazmat, come on. :mask:

In the West, only superheroes and bank robbers wear masks. :sunglasses:

I remember one time I was sick as hell back in the US but my dad wanted to go to Wal-Mart to buy some gardening stuff. I said OK, but I wore a surgical mask, Asian-style. People were freaked out and thought I must have had ebola.

Either that, or you were a domestic terrorist.

I’ma bomb this Wal-Mart y’all, aloha snackbar!

Your name has been forwarded to the proper authorities and added to the no-shop list. Losing your Wal-Mart privileges is no laughing matter.

They better redneckonize or else.

Good, but still trash cans next the toilet (or outside) with poo poo as change is slow.
This news makes it’s it urgent to flush it !