Flushing kitty litter

Do you flush your kitty litter?

  • Yes
  • No

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As there have been a few kitty topics, I thought I’d add my question.

Do you flush your kitty litter or send it out with the garbage?

I’ve been sending it down to my doorman (no skin off my back, the guy’s a jerk) but it would be easier to flush.

Just remember if you flush it you have to buy the special flushable type. You can not buy the normal stuff and flush it. Well, you probably can, but I don’t think you should. :smiley: It can damage the toilet and sewage system.

How about training the kitty to use the toilet? My friend’s cat just uses their toilet. They have no idea how he learned as they just inherited the cat with their house.

They didn’t buy the house off Jack and Dina Byrnes by any chance, did they?

How do I distinguish between flushable and non-flushable in Chinese?

They didn’t cover this in class :wink:

I think there are very few types of litter that you can flush. Clumping litter should not be flushed because it is like cement and expands when in contact with water. They have some other type that is flushable but it is wood based litter.

No, my clumping litter can be flushed.
Well, I don’t know flushable/non-flushable in Chinese either. But I know SOME Chinese. I dragged the bewildered sales assistant over to the kitty section, pointed to the kitty litter and said something resembling…
“This…can inside toilet…yes or no?”
She then gave me the right stuff, and it had a little picture of a toilet in one corner of the bag, so I think I must have hit the kitty litter jackpot. :slight_smile:

I don’t know about Jack and Dina Byrnes as the house is in Hsinchu and I don’t know the previous owners, irishstu.