Flying to Texas? Please Take Joe!

A Cocker Spaniel rescue group in Texas has generously and kindly offered to take Joe, our energetic cocker, who has been unable to find the home he needs in Taiwan.

Joe was abandoned several months ago, even after his previous owners had his voice box removed to stop him barking. The sad thing is, Joe only barks when put in a small cage.

If you are flying to Texas any time after December 20, please consider escorting Joe to the only future he has. We do all the paperwork and pay all the costs; all you would need do is let us meet you at the airport to check Joe in as your excess baggage and transport him from the baggage carousel to his awaiting foster carer in the arrivals lounge at your destination airport.

You will of course be free to check over the dog and his cage before taking responsibilty for him.

Please help. This is a great chance for Joe to finally find the understanding home he needs.

You can read more about Joe and see his picture here:

Thank you!


Apparently, DFW International Airport would be the best place for Joe to fly into, but there are no direct flights there.

Someone out there is going in that direction, I’m certain!

Please let me know.

You can see more of Joe here.



Hey Stray,

Going to Las Vegas in January. It’s a far piece from Texas but it’s the best I can do. Also, might be heading to Memphis, Tennessee in May.

Thanks, Proto_tw. :notworthy:
I know I can set up a transfer flight for Joe pretty easily, so, that may be possible.

I’ll keep you informed. Do you know when in January you are going to Las Vegas?

Thanks again!

Anyone going closer? :slight_smile:

Flying Northwest. Departing Jan. 3rd at 9:10 am

Hey Stray,

I was talking with the Yang-mei people this past Sunday and they were telling me about them sending a dog to Germany that had been adopted. They didn’t need anyone to accompany it and all went fine. Did you look into this?

Hey, Proto.

Yeah, we did, but it costs as much as four or five times as much. We’d rather send him alone (cargo) as it is much more comfortable for the dog, but we just don’t have the funds.

Unless your Yang-Mei friends have any advice about getting a cheaper ticket! :astonished:

[quote=“Stray Dog”]Joe was abandoned several months ago, even after his previous owners had his voice box removed to stop him barking. The sad thing is, Joe only barks when put in a small cage.[/quote]This acceptable and legal here ? Sick sick sick, what do we have to do to get China to nuke this place ?

If you get the wheels in motion let me know, I would prefer to leave first…

I think it’s more acceptable than it should be, and sadly legal, as long as the animal isn’t confined for too long. We need to report these things when we see them so that it does become unnacceptable.

I’ll start building my Bomb-proof ark right away.

Oh my god, that is the cutest dog I have ever seen.

I’ve always had a soft spot for cocker spaniels, but my god.


I know you said after DEc 20, but I just wanted to put it out there in case the date restriction changes. I am going to TX on Dec 16, flying into Houston.


Krista, that would be fantastic - if it’s a month since Joe’s rabies shot. Let me contact the vet and get back to you.

Thanks very much for the offer!


One other thing to double check is the China Airlines policy for how many animals one person can take. I will be taking my two cats home with me, so I would just want to make sure that there’s not an issue of 2 pets per passenger or anything like that.

China Airlines is better, as we get a special deal with them for exporting rescued dogs. :slight_smile:

I’ll look into that for you.]

Thanks again!


Sorry, Krista, it must be after the 20th.

But thank you!

Joe has been adopted here in Taiwan by a very lovely family with plenty of experience with cocker spaniels. :slight_smile: :bravo:

No need to fly, now, but thanks everyone for your help and suggestions.


Ah, I feel for you man, have a few Cocker Spaniels in my life too. Wish I could help, being from NM and all, but hey its too far away now. My only quistion is…why’d you have to name him…Chou