Flying - Where to learn to flying for fun in Taiwan

where to learn to fly for fun in taiwan

What part of Taiwan? Takes at least ~40 hours in plane for first license. And have to fly regularly to stay current and develop skills. So generally need to be within reasonable access to flight training unless ok with spending lots of time commuting.

Weather is a limiting factor for fun flying in Taiwan without additional training and rating in instruments.

Then need to rent plane even if only to stay current.

Private pilot training is generally a new opportunity in Taiwan so not a lot of options. Time and money.

Can check Apex out of Taipei and Taitung.

When I moved here nearly 11 years ago the first thing I did was inquire about bringing my airplane over here.

I learned that you had to be licensed in Taiwan. My FAA issued ticket wouldn’t help. Next I learned I had to speak Chinese. I learned that my airplane had to be registered in Taiwan so I’d lose the US registration and N number. Lastly, as my airplane was built in 1946 it just did miss the 10 year old or newer age requirement.

Anyways, unless things have changed you need to speak Chinese to get a local ticket. Back then the written exam would be in Chinese as well.

I’ve got a good hunch that your instructor here will speak perfect English enough to teach you if you only speak English.

Also, Taiwan is a very unforgiving place to fly. I’m glad I wasn’t able to bring my airplane here because I am certainly more familiar with the terrain. I would not want to have an emergency anywhere in Taiwan.

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