Foam Inserts


Where can I find foam inserts that I can customize myself? Is there any particular company/store that sells this stuff? I went to a couple of DIY stores but couldn’t find anything.
Ideally I’d prefer the pre-cut sheets like the one in the pic.

Professional aluminium case for your cameras, lenses and flashes? not bad!

TBH I’m not sure but you could try here:

Or right across the street:

Or perpahs in this street, where you can find several shops with foam stuff:

If you find it please let me know. I guess that at home you will use dry closets instead…

More or less…
Regular camera backpacks have reasonable prices, but camera trolleys are absurd. I have a small trolley and a hardcase at home that I could very easily convert to use for my camera gear when I need to travel, but I’m struggling to find foam inserts.
At home I keep stuff in a drybox, it’s pretty much mandatory in Yilan.

Not only in Yilan, trust me.

Try the last shop I sent you. If they don’t have it, and if you can speak some Mandarin, they can probably send you in the right direction.

The stuff I see on the ground looks more or less like what I need! I’ll visit that place next time I’m in taipei, thanks!
Do you have any idea about the chinese name for foam inserts? google translate is aids, and I’d like to find some online prices for comparison to avoid being scammed by some ahma/abbei in a store that wants to charge 6 gorillion dollars for foam.

It should be dirt cheap. If you go to a professional camera shop (a big one) I’m sure that they sell it, but then probably the price is much much higher. There was a huge one I never visited, but I don’t remember name nor location. I can ask a photographer I know if you really want to go down that way.

I don’t dare to ask camera store, most of the inserts are made to follow the specifications of Pelican cases which cost a fortune xD

Maybe this is helps?


That’s perfect!! And it’s cheap as bananas!

I’ll need to spend some time browsing around because all sort of products show up when typing 高密度海綿, but it’s a great start, thanks.

Don’t expect this to be expensive:

The egg style foam you see there can be used for the upper part maybe… . I would go and ask them before buying something that has too many, too big holes like the pictures I saw in the other website. Or maybe that website also has those things…

I think that in ‘camera street’ and around there (in Taipei) some stores have the cubed foam, where you can take out and customize how you want it.

Probably more expensive than if you go and buy it yourself.

@IbisWtf, check this out. these boxes come with the foam too:

I noticed them while I was browsing Ruten. Much cheaper than Pelican cases, but still a bit expensive for a box of plastic with foam >__>


Far too helpful IMO. I was expecting something to do with Bra’s . Which seems to be the case here …an awful lot of foam built in to them. Maybe it is more comfortable ?

Do you think women have comfort in mind when buying a bra? They just want to make their tiny boobs looks like gargantuan cantaloupes.

Back in topic: so far I found sheets of foam for 100/150nt each, or a pre-cut set (usually 2 thin sheets + 2 thicker ones) for around 1000nt. This is all online.
This week I’ll not go to Taipei, so I’ll look for random hardware stores in Yilan to see if I can find anything comparable.

Keep us posted on this.