Food delivery delay, oh no

Just a hunger-driven petty rant: delivery agency just called to tell me my BBQ ribs are gonna be 50 minutes later than promised. Argh. Totally understandable given it’s Friday rush hour, wet, windy and cold outside, and I live kinda in the boonies. But wasn’t expecting it cuz they’ve always been super punctual on past orders (Ed’s Diner via Oodle).

Does this happen a lot? Can I leverage my temporary misery into a free something on my next order or something?

I’ve never used Oodle, but if it’s anything like Uber Eats I’m guessing you could talk to their automated, often unhelpful, customer service and get a partial refund or a voucher or something? Especially if the food is cold when it arrives.

It happened to me before.

15 min delay turned into 25, that turned into 40, that turned into 1 hour…
And then it got canceled.

What did I get?
Full refund, a “sorry we couldn’t deliver”, a empty stomach and 6 hungry people looking at me deciding if they would have me for lunch or not…

Yes, I was ordering for half of the office :confounded:


Did they?

But that’s when I learned that I run faster when hungry!

That’s happened to me a few times and each time I wrote incredibly angry and irrational and full of curse words rant to the customer service on the app lol.

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Are you sure you didn’t accidentally write a comment on Forumosa? :grin:

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Food delivery delays are frequently caused by the person delivering the food.

He may show up and they tell him it’s going to be eight minutes but he has another delivery he can pick up in 3 minutes so he says I’ll come back.

Good for the drivers making the money from multiple deliveries but not for the customer