Food Dolls on Facebook

Is anyone else getting inundated with these two? It’s sooo good, sooo easy, yessss! They are incredibly irritating.

I assume they’re being funded to build up a user base. It must be costing a fortune

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? :thinking:

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It appears not you, then. They’ve yet to have a stab at Belgian cuisine.

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Yeah. They don’t want a slice of that pie.

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Has nobody else seen them on FB? That’s weird. I wonder why I’m considered their target market

You’re the ‘doll’ man?

No idea who or what food dolls are, do you have some sort of personalized advertising turned on?

I only use Facebook to find events.

I might stumble upon them on other social media.

It’s these guys:

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Pretty big noses for dolls…

Obviously been searching dolls online recently.

I’ve never seen these ads either. Post your Google search history, and we can try to get to the bottom of it. :whistle:

You can probably click somewhere on the ad to see less of that particular advertiser, and you can view your ad topics here.

Many of mine are pretty weird. My list contains a few hundred topics, but there are only a handful of those that even slightly reflect something close to something I might have searched for or interacted with (from the start of the list below, “Science”, “Chili pepper”, “Art museum”, “Artificial Intelligence”, and the whiskey ones. I definitely haven’t interacted with anything related to Perez Hilton or Disney movies :thinking:).

Did you recently have a conversation in which you mentioned the words “food” and “dolls” while your cellphone was nearby?


Just as an experiment I’ve said “Finley vaccines good”. Let’s see how it pans out


Should have used lower-case. Now you’re going to be spammed with B-horror and Italian rock music.

I thought this was somehow possibly Taiwan related.

Or something unique or interesting.

It’s just another of hundreds or thousands of social media brain eaters.

I just got onto a page about beer hops and I get women’s underwear ads next to it. Hops and underwear, is there a connection?

I’m pretty sure that persons who are interested in beer also have a passing interest in women’s underwear, or at least in women wearing underwear. Or not wearing underwear.

Been a thing on the rise for a bit now. I agree, it is really f*cking annoying!

honestly, what part of facebook isnt exactly that same type of annoying? If I wasnt needing social media formarketing is would a very quick and easy farewell to that garbage!

I watch facebook wholesale networking groups that now also have these up and rising porno~akin people posting side boob with onions…tight junk with milking cows. it really is gross. I can appreciate porn as an industry.

but seriously…

Dont shit where you eat is my rule. But apparently that memo isnt a meme yet and we thus get what we see on the daily :smiling_face_with_tear

I’ve reported them. There wasn’t a “Fucking Annoying” option, but they left me with no choice.

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