Food trucks with free food coming ( Belize, Guatemala and Honduras food)

Four food trucks offering the delicacies of Belize, Guatemala and Honduras for free will visit southern Taiwan, see link for Taipei and other cities

  • 04/23 13:30-15:30 高雄棧貳庫kw2
  • 04/24 13:30-15:30 高雄流行音樂中心

Nice find!

Somewhat related. For people in Taipei, this one looks yummy.

World Food Festival - TW

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Hope you get to try it and report on it

Booo i missed the Tsipei one. Though I expect queue would be horrendous. Taiwanese love free stuff.

I’ve seen queues 50 people long just to get free plastic hand fan. When they gave away that train MRT card, the line must have been over an hour (i just went home)

I was in Kaohsiung this weekend , was great, place was buzzing on the harbour with loads of food offerings . However every stall was busy and sold out later in the day so free food…I can only imagine.


Hope you where able to enjoy the nice weather. Good time of the year to visit, but busy area

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Yeah it’s probably covid central now. We left before that beach party at cijin lol.

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Hope your well and fine. So far not as much Covid as in the north.

Is this the area they were building for different culture’s food?

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Kaohsiung harbor-water front? It does have food trucks and small weekend markets most weekends in some areas (its getting bigger as years pass) with various foods but most restaurants are in various area of the city and I would not say in exact area. (I like the area around the Culture Park and Gushan-south is where I like but others like other areas)

It was definitely in Taipei since I haven’t been to k-town yet. :frowning: I do want to visit everyone there.
It said something about food and culture construction project a few months or a year back. I can’t remember where it was in Taipei though.

I know MAJI MAJI集食行樂 in Taipei but it not new place.

Tell me what you like (food) and I can give you my recommendations for Kaohsiung and hope you do visit. (Summer is hot and rainy so come now or in the fall)

I might actually be able to visit in 5ish weeks. As long as it’s vegan and not Taiwanese idc lol.

You might try:

Pooja’s Indian Vegetarian Restaurant( 普佳印度料理餐廳)

Plant-Based Oasis 蔬食綠洲, I like the vegi burgers, Moderate prices so my cheaper friends do not think its a good value but I like it a lot.

Double Veggie蔬食百匯 . Is a buffet in a hotel. An Americano visitor who is vegan likes this place. Not all dishes are Vegan (some cheese) but all have info.


THANK YOU!!! I’ll let you guys know how everything was (assuming we can travel soon :smiling_face_with_tear:).

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Enjoy your trip! Also any good cafes where you live? (I am not vegan but some of my good friends are, so good to find new choices)

Did you try?