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Now that Premier League football is back wondering if it is possible to watch on TV here in Taiwan?
Aiming to watch Tottenham v Manchester United tonight/tomorrow morning…

Online is your best bet. It has been for me since 2004.

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Anyone know any others? that site doesn’t work now

For post full games and highlights:
https://soccercatch.com/ or, https://highlightsfootball.net/

For live games, I use this Russian site with the Acestream app.
Pictures are great, hardly buffer, but no English commentary:



Apologies if there is another thread… can’t see anything new.

I’m wondering if anyone knows any bars/places where I might see the football (UK soccer)
I can’t see much searching. Hopefully somewhere on the MRT line, as I’m in 西子灣。

My team are playing in the FACup today at 12pm uk time, so I’m hoping I can watch it at 8pm here somewhere.

Any ideas please?

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Back again!
I’m leaving 高雄 today, but tomorrow I’ll be in Taipei, any football watching pub recommendations?
I want to watch my team (Sheffield United) get smashed by Man City! haha

I’ll be in a hotel near main station.

I’m visiting Taipei November 25-10 December and want to watch the English premier League games. I think most of them I’ll have to miss as they’ll be about 3am Taiwan time but I should be able to see one at 10pm Taiwan time. Can you recommend the best places to watch the games?

There are no EPL games starting at 3am Taiwan time last game of the day at 1:30am start first game 8pm …
just internet search for sports bars
Also where in Taiwan?


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Check out eltaott.tv if you’re happy to watch on a device or computer.The VIP Hot! Tab is the one you want. You might be able to sign up there for a month or so. I subscribe for the season, and I don’t remember what the cost is but it really isn’t a lot at all.

You’ll be able watch all the games that way, and at whatever time - I often watch in the morning when I wake up.

But be warned, sometimes they have a broadcast with all sorts of stats around the edges, and names hovering over the players - looks like a football manager game.

While the matches generally start no later than 1.30 (depending on when the clocks move) at the weekend, the schedule in December is out of whack, and the round of matches just before you leave is played at around 3 or 4 am because it’s midweek.

Week what, mid-30s and Liverpool and Arsenal both lose?

To the epl whisperers here, what in the wide world of sports is going on? Arsenal looked fine a week (or so) ago against Manchester City (a tie).

Lingering after effects of recent mid-week champions/europe matches? Russian gamblers? Will Man city coast to the championship? Struggling to understand here…

Fulham making a late push for Europe. COYW