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Hi all. New to the forum and will be new to Taiwan in a week.

Coming to Kaohsiung this weekend for 5 weeks and wondering where will be good to watch the Euros with other footy fans. In particular anywhere that England fans are going to gather for a few beers and a bit craic on?


Lots of sports bars will show it. Lighthouse is one place but you will find many places that show it. Try Kaohsiung Expats FB page

With the Euro 2024 football tournament just kicked off, where could we watch live in bars or public places around Taipei?
And in case watching from home, which channels/ live streams/ apps are there to watch live games?


Starting tonight Elta TV are showing some of the group games and all the knockout games.if you have MOD go to channel on the home page and you will find a link for the Euros. Spain v Croatia has just kicked off.

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Great start to the tournament.

Lot of goals, no draws, great excitement.

Germany is a good place to stage a tournament like this. Perfect weather, good arenas, centrally located.

Does anyone know if/where they show the games in Taoyuan?

I think Germany will win.

England and Slovakia playing tonight at midnight local UEFA EURO

Parklife+ and Teabar showing

Is this the right spot to post this?

Nope as no champions league is being shown. Why not mention all the other bars that show the events?

Nobody’s paying me to research and post event listings and I only know two places anyway

I could name many places in Taipei showing the games. Can’t these places buy a banner advert? lol

England not looking sharp against Slovakia, but it’s early still.

A flurry of yellow cards, both sides, including now Jude Bellingham. Pretty good flop by the fouled Slovakian, though.

And Slovakia scores!

It’s on TV Chunghua MOD ELTA 2, channel 201 in Taipei

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Holy shit Jude Bellingham with the bicycle!

I said Bellingham will score in the last moment. It’s a shame that I’m watching the game alone and nobody heard me. But I swear I said it.


Anyway, England don’t play :poop:

Kane maybe breaks the dam for England I reckon. Slovakia have to be gassed.

Congratulations to England, condolences to a hard working Slovakia team.

Felt a little World Cuppy I thought, with the (palpable) pressure at the end of regulation.

Uh. What?

ESP 0 - 1 GEO