Football? Go-Karting? Taichung?

Hello -

Footie -

Just had a quick search for football or go karting in Taichung, but no result ;-(

Any of you got any tips for footie (whether it’s 6-aside / 11-aside / kickabouts / tournaments) in the Taichung area?

I’ll probably be busting to kick a ball within a few weeks of being here!

Also - go-karting

Anyone here ever get together to thrash out a few laps near Taichung?

Would be a shame if I had to trek to Taipei, so if you know of anything along these lines happening near Taichung, that would be great :wink:


Are there Go-Karts in Taipei? That would seriously kick ass.

Not sure about Taipei - I know there’s a track near/in Fengyuan / Taichung as I went there last year while on holiday.