⚽ Football | Goal-scoring Celebrations

Why do soccer players act like jerks when they score? Just saw somebody score a fairly ordinary goal; he dodged all his teammates running up to congratulate him, even pushing one to the ground, so he could bask in the crowd’s cheers. Some player will make a fantastic run, and pass the ball to a fellow-player, who will simply tap it in- and hoot and holler and grab all the glory like it’s some great achievement.
You don’t see this in American football, rugby, or hockey. Goal-scorers are swamped by their teammates, and hugs and kisses go all around, Why do soccer players act like such prima donnas?

that’s because the No Fun League penalizes excessive celebration (although they’ve relaxed it a bit the last ~5 years).

Very simply because it’s hard to score a goal.

Because they’re overpaid little girls with tiny dicks.
I fucking hate football. It has become such a wank sport.
I only watch rugby.


Is that big lad playing on the wing for Scotland one of yours? Van der something.

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Worse than Taiwanese fish? Or Japanese pop music?

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I’m steeped in hatred.


So it seems. Wagwan?

I only agree with @jimipresley partially here. Of course there are these unbearable scenes of diving or exaggerating contact or inappropriate goal celebrations, but that’s just a tiny part of the game. Overall I do enjoy watching footy. I just love sports with round balls better than oval ones or pucks (yuck). Much more bending and spinning. Love those long-rang shots that have unbelievable trajectories. Toughness is not everything.

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This goal is special

Even after scoring a penelty kick they act like they replicated Madonna’s famous run v. England in '86. It’s laughable really

One for Messi’s first goal in US