Football in Taichung 2018

Does anyone from the forum play football in Taichung?
Chaoma football field? or anywhere else?
Any game? training session? club?

Sadly , most of us are far too old for anything more than lifting glasses. I try to choose Sports that enable one to sit down whilst participating :flushed:

I played only once in Taichung, indoor artificial turf football. The guys play almost twice a week, its a bit too far and late in the day so cant go very often. Reply back if you’re interested to know where they play.

Indoor artificial turf football in Taichung? sounds fun… yes, please, where?

Hi, could you let me know where this turf is ? Or maybe how to contact them? Thanks

yep, would be useful to know where people are playing small sided games

Let’s move on to ‘Football in Taichung 2019’