Football in Taiwan, red card from the police and rubbish trucks football, in 90 seconds

A video I think is great, shows many parts of Taiwan life in short video all the while playing football. For me nice to see a lot of Taiwan in 90 seconds and the fun of football. You can also a header from the breakfast shop girl, nice foot and body work from girl at night market, pineapple truck football, at the temple, at a traditional house and more


Cool video!

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Quite nice, fun video and does got good to promote the real Taiwan haha quickly

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This was great. I have been lucky enouyh to be somewhat involved with soccer in Taiwan through my sons and this was lovely to watch.

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They should have kicked the ball through a migrant workers dormitory with the doors locked from the outside over night, or perhaps a kicky-up from an OAP holding a sign to buy a scam house that won’t be built for the next fifteen years in 38 degree heat. Perhaps even it could have gone through a buxiban where the kids are still studying at 11PM on a Saturday night…


The guy on the pedestrian crossing didn’t even have anyone attempt to maim him!


23 million falling in love with the game?
Delusional. But worth a punt.

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Maybe, but if Taiwan can make 2023 World Cup, maybe 23 million will be interested