⚽ Football | POLL: Will Taiwan make group in world cup

  • Yes
  • No

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Football world cup 2023 for females

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What’s the time frame here? Right now Taiwan are a long long way from qualifying, they haven’t even qualified for the Asian cup since 1968.

I would wager that in this case time frame does not matter, cause the answer is never (and even with the expansion of World Cup to 8 spots from Asia).

Seems good chance in 2023, one/two more wins away.

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Taiwan have failed to qualify for the 2023 Asian cup.

From wiki still have chance

Oh, sorry didn’t see that we were talking about the women. I take it all back, the Taiwanese women’s team kick arse, I think they have a decent chance.

yes if women, a different ball game and they have a chance.

Time frame is certainly the key here.
If there is no limit on the time frame then the answer is obviously YES.
Since, in a limitless time scenario, ALL scenarios are possible in the Universe. Including a monkey typing out a best-selling novel.

The girls are good, but will take time to become good enough. So when thinking long term chance to qualify then I vote yes.
The boys are really bad though, for them not a chance haha

Many youth soccer teams in Taiwan play the game on a field half the size.

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Yes, and still quite fun and with the cooler weather its nice

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