Football/Soccer In Taipei

I would like to organize some pick up soccer over the summer. Anyone interested? 6pm at Da’an Tuesdays and Thursdays and possibly for a kick around sometime on the weekend that suits all. I’m open for suggestions.

May I ask what pick up soccer is?

People show up and play. If you have 12 people it is 6 vs 6, if you have 20 people it is 10 vs. 10. However many people show up can play and people can come and go as they please.

So “pick up” refers to how many people are playing?

Stop giving the poor lad such a hard time Mr. Stu.
If you seriously don’t know, “pick up” just means it’s unorganized.
Whoever shows up, plays.
It’s just for fun and exercise, and it’s non-competitive.

Now answer my Vista question in the tech section. :slight_smile:

I’d never heard the term “pick-up soccer” before either. We just call it a “kick-about”.

I’d be interested, nannsavage. Does Da’an have lights? Meeting at 6pm poses a couple of problems - fading light and the fact that many people who may well be interested are teachers and therefore working at that time. Failing that though, a weekend game sounds good. In a Taiwanese summer it’s not going to be the fastest-paced game, but that better suits my measured, cultured playing style. :wink:

Seriously, I wasn’t taking the piss. I thought pick up soccer might mean you could pick the ball up and run with it or something.

No lights at Da’an. As it heads into summer it shouldn’t start to get dark until 7ish (I think). That’s an hour or so of playing, maybe more for the troopers that want to play into dusk. Please correct me if I am wrong… If you know of anywhere that has lights I’d be interested…

Pick up I think is a North American term…

I’d be interested if I can arrange my schedule to suit…

funnily enuff there is already a team in Taipei called Da-an Park. so-named for the obvious reason that they too started out playing “pick-up” “soccer” in Da-an park…

pick-up has something to do with the fact you pick teams before you begin I guess…

No, that’s football, obviously.

No, that’s football, obviously.[/quote]

Depending on where you are, it could also be rugby or Aussie rules, and in football you might get penalised (i.e. because football also = soccer) in most coutries if you tried to pick up the ball…

Really? Tell that to this guy.

Moreover, I’m tired of the old argument that soccer is football, because one can only use one’s feet in the sport. Will this guy be penalized?


You’re quoting me out of context as you didn’t include the part in parenthesis which makes what I said very clear. Most soccer (for your benefit) playing countries in the world refer to the game as “football” or some foreign equivalent thereof. Also, less than 10% of the players on a soccer pitch may use their hands, and they definately wouldn’t pick up the ball and run with it.

I’d be interested, have got times and dats sorted out?

I’d be interested, gave you got dates and times sorted out yet?

I have 6… do I hear 7…??? I need 10 or more to pull this thing together and account for some no-show’s…

Cheers -

i’m in, can probably get a couple of others depending on the times

maybe we could try one sunday afternoon to go down and then arrange a time with everyone then for weeknights?

is da-an the best place to play? The fu-he sports park in yong he (near fu-he bridge) is pretty good, they have a nice full-size pitch there

OK, Lets have a vote.

A) Sunday Location
B) Sunday time

I vote for Mugatu’s choice, Yonghe - not bothered about the time.

Maybe afternoon is best, about 4pm or so. More chance of getting a bunch of people then and I know there are a bunch of Burmese guys that have a game there in the mornings