⚽ Football | World Cup 2022

Not on the level of

“Whichever team scores more goals usually wins.”


“If they don’t score any goals, they’re not going to win this game.”

OK, are we pro Iran because they did something nicenice before their last game or are we sads because when they get home Saddam’s brother will show up to administer their pedicures?

It could be the case. Germany Austria '82

So, Iran can hit the bar on both sides of the goal.

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They’re not allowed into the bar.


True, but still banal.

It’s like kissing one’s sister, but you’re still factually wrong. And that’s my opinion.

“A hugely disappointing match so far…”

That woman knows how to shrivel a man, huh?

WTH? That seems like a momentum shift.

Red card red card


Wales are shit!


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Hahaha goal

That’s gonna sting:

Oh no!

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It is the current fashion. I am considering transplants.

That was a wild game.

Now Qatar-Senegal :woozy_face:

That female commentator again… I don’t want to listen to her wise-ass expert analysis, so annoying. Didn’t she do the Wales game as well? Or are there two of them? Not being misogynistic here, I find some male commentators equally annoying.