⚽ Football - World Cup 2022

Qatar shit

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The Americans are the worst. They sound like they were in “Special Class” at school.

I don’t mind them when commentating US sports, but football? No.

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Who else would be commentating on American sports? Somalis?

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The drums are kind of shit. And why so many empty seats?

US major league games are shown around the world, so I am sure there are UK commentators for NFL or NBA games too.

Those are people wearing white garb?

I seriously doubt it.

Right got it! Empty seats are green. There are still quite a few of those.

Love watching the prem league in USA. We get the actual UK commentators.
The biggest difference between British and American sports commentators:
British have a sense of humor and sprinkle interesting anecdotes in the commentary.
The American commentators are more like: “I’ve got the biggest dick here so shut the F*UCK up. I know everything. I am the best and should still be playing. I am amazing. Oh, and yeah, that was a good play.”


Syracuse university trained Shaq. Hand to god.

Why add cost?

So they just use the original US ESPN stream for like the Superbowl? Don’t they need someone to explain the intricacies of the game to those who just tune in once a year?

Why would they need to, when nobody else in the world gives a fuck?

Game over

Dude, pull back. People like sports. The NFL and NBA have been expanding into markets in Europe and Asia for decades. Watch the game. Senegal is beating Qatar down. Enjoy that. :laughing:

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Dude, I LOVE gridiron, It’s my third favorite sport.

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Yeah superbowl is plenty big around the world. NBA is huge in loads of places

That was a great freekick attempt

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