For gaming laptops: Asus or Lenovo or MSI?

Hey guys, I want to buy my gaming laptop. I’ve asked around and these three brands seem to be the most recommended ones by my friends.

I’m a casual gamer, as in I don’t play regularly but when big-name games come out (Final Fantasy, Dragon Age, etc), I would want to try them out. But most of the time I play games that aren’t heavy. My most played games are PS2 games that are ported to PC even. In reality, my screen time would be: 60% browsing the internet, 25% watching movies/shows, 15% playing games.

I have a budget of around $50k NTD and my hard limit would be laptops bigger than 15". I also heard that QHD screens are worth their price so I’m a bit curious.

If you have any advice or suggestions, I’m all ears. One of my friends told me that I should go all or nothing for gaming. Either purchase a good expensive gaming laptop, or buy a cheap, functional one because he thought $50k for a gaming laptop is just not enough.

Thanks guys!

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I bought Gigabyte for my kids within the last year.

These brands are all fine in general. Go for good (decent) graphics card with enough memory (8GB+) and minimum 16GB of RAM, SSD storage depending on your needs. Then if you like a model read (or watch) the reviews.

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How important is portability to you?

If you don’t care about needing to hop from hotel rooms to hotel rooms, then get a gaming desktop, and a cheaper, more portable laptop for web.

PS2 games run on emulators don’t require a whole lot of computational power.

They got small form factor motherboard/case these days that can fit whatever CPU they support, and a really good GPU can be added to that.

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Just to be clear, does that mean you want laptops bigger than 15" or smaller than 15"?

I was looking at the Asus ROG G14. There’s different ones that should fit your budget. You can usually also get a cash discount if you pay them in cash and ask for it.

Heard from one of my gaming friend that MSI has a better fan cooling system so it you do end up playing long hours or keep your laptop on, MSIs would less likely get heating damage.

I bought an Asus 17 inch gaming laptop for 53k
4TB M2 and 32gb ram Nvidia 4060ti

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Us too. Made in Taiwan to boot. Which was the main selling point for us. But we aren’t gamers either lol. Though gaming friends use them with good review.

Got one. Has a button on side that can turn on fan manually.
Not a gamer, but I’ve been stopped in the street by gamers by my MSi backpack that holds it, and they’ve discussed how it’s among the best.

Lenovo, especially the ThinkPad series, are famously business workhorses.

I’ve never heard of anyone mention them, or buy them, primarily for gaming. :thinking:


They have a gaming series, Legion, which is quite good by all accounts.

Fair enough. My life is tethered to the workhorses, so what do I know. :rofl:


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I have a laptop from CJscope. It’s a local company but u can customize what u want in your laptop . I got a 3080 for 35k .


Do they use SODIMM modules for memory? Do they have removable batteries, actually do any laptop have removable batteries anymore?

Yeah u can replace the memory. And battery can be removed and replaced by opening the laptop which isnt hard.

Sorry, I meant I don’t want big laptops (bigger than 15").

This one is actually perfect except it’s 17". Too big for me. But thanks to you introducing me to this TUF series (I’ve only heard of ASUS’s ROG lineup before), I found this one that I really liked It’s similar to yours but it’s 15"6’.

Are we able to ask the sales person @ Asus Store to increase the SSD to 4TB and the RAM to 32 though? In the online store, there’s only the 16GB RAM and 1 TB SSD option.

I meant older laptops that have modular battery that can be removed without monkeying around inside it or disconnecting some weird cables. I don’t even know if they are made anymore. These batteries are 18650 cells, not custom made lipo packs.

The TUF series is more of a budget series when compared to ROG, still gaming laptops and still expect ASUS durability but missing some of the bell and whistles.

You can certainly ask, they can only say no!

I bought mine through a company I buy from for my business. My wife got a 15 inch for free through our business with Hinet then changed to 2TB M2 chip 16gb ram.

Yes you change after buying what it comes with

If it is mostly for gaming, then you should also consider an OLED SteamDeck.
It is great for gaming and very portable.

Use a docking station to connect a screen with peripherals and you can use it as a normal computer for browsing and watching movies.

But I am not sure if they are currently sold out due to popularity.