For Sale: Alpinestars T-Venom Air flow summer jacket

I’m posting it here since most guys who ride and would need this jacket come to this section. I’m selling this jacket since it’s a bit too small for my build!

Alpinestars T-Venom air flow mesh jacket
protection: removable back protector, shoulder and elbow pads.
color: red
size: L
condition: used 2 months

Paid: 8500$NTD selling for : 4500$NTD

for more info and pics of the jacket, just click on the link below

Billy Jean’s not my lover…she’s justa girl… :wink:

Wow…what a great buy. Too bad I’m skinnier than Micheal Jackson…or I’d buy it even though I just bought a mesh jacket a week ago.

bump…anyone?’s a good deal!

For a better description of his jacket click on this link: … xt_jkt.pdf

By the way skylarkpuma…you really are an ass for selling this jacket only a couple of days after I buy a mesh jacket for 8,000. Prick…I even like the looks of yours better than mine…burn in hell.

an ass…i’ve been known to be one at times… :wink: !..sorry dude…I wish I had known that you were looking for one!

Don’t sweat it Mordeth, the Dainese is way better looking IMO. Oh, I told you before, if you need gear ask Monkey (my bike shop buddy). I ask him, the jacket you bought he could have got it for $7500. They have a lighter version for $5600. :wink: … iew=search

Nah…my jacket and the one in your link look like rainjackets comapared to skylarks. And I actually got mine for a bit cheaper than 8000 but that’s the sticker price on it…and I wouldn’t want anyone going into the shop and saying “but so and so said that he only paid X amount” But thanks for worrying about me.