For sale ... imaginary girlfriend

The good thing … she can be anyone YOU want … brown, blond, red haired … small breasts. big breasts, huge pumpkins … slender, better build … tall, short … muscled … feminine, tender, sexy … powerfull … bossy … and a good cook

Drawback … she ain’t cheap …

Starting bid: 500 US$

Oh, found a real girl, and it’s time to get rid of the imaginary one, eh?

I’ve already sent $500 imaginary dollars into your bank account. When can I expect her?

She isn’t going to drop in at work unexpectedly is she? I have work to do!

Also, I’d appreciate if you didn’t tell her about my last imaginary gf.

Hey, it’s an auction … 500US$ is just the start … bids close tomorrow morning 10:00AM … don’t expect me to give her up to the first passer-by …

She doesn’t sound like much of a catch. But then again, I have no imagination.

Just close your eyes and let her do the work …

She has been tainted by imaginary Belgian cooties. I don’t want her either.

His cooties are real.

Hey guys, no cooties, no claps … healthy as a/an … :slight_smile:

I still can’t picture her…

Go outside and look straight into the sun … keep your eyes open for about 5 minutes … can you see her now?

Does she look like Funk500’s avatar?

I just tried that, but all I could see was Jesus