For the ladies

Links don’t seem to be parsing, so look here and here.

nah the guy is cocky.

Nah, those are great! I saw them in the States before I left. They cracked me up.

It’s really interesting marketing when you consider that the product is for men, but the marketing is targeted to the women who do the shopping. Really interesting. There’s a perception, apparently, that these products are a bit too metrosexual for “real men,” and ads targeted to “real men” haven’t worked out so well. To get around that perception then, this marketing attempts to go around the men themselves.

And it would be really great, too, if Old Spice didn’t reek.

This is my all time fav “for the ladies” commercial:

He’s supposed to be. :smiley: I thought they were pure marketing genius. My wife loved them. It’s so brilliantly over the top, super-saturated stereotype. I didn’t know the Yanks could do that. :notworthy:

I found it kind of annyoing after the first 30 seconds or so.
Smart, though, I’ll give you that.

Still, not even in the same league as the ones with the immortal Bruce Campbell…

Oh yeah, better not be nobody slagging off Old Spice, I’ll kick your ass*, my daddy was an Old Spice man, every day of his life, a guy could do a lot worse…

*that’s right, I’ll kick your ass, I grew up with sisters, I ain’t afraid of fighting girls…

Look, I’m sure your daddy was a fine man, but apparently he reeked! And you’ll have to get a couple of those sisters of yourn to get your back if you wanna stand a chance, Chiefy! Bring it on, baby!

This is a song for the ladies: