For those that live deep within New Taipei City: why did you do it?

I’m talking about you laowhys in Sanchong, Luzhou, Xinzuang, or Tucheng. Why are you where you are? Do you still feel like you are Laowinning? Or do you crave the culture and pleasantries of Taipei City every day you are stuck out in the County.

Fixed the title for you :wink:

NO! It’s Taipei County!

My reason was that… we were checking flats before I moved to Taiwan, and there was this cheap flat with really nice views… and didn’t seem to be far from Taipei anyway. I still have mixed feelings about the area, but I live very close to a nice park, my building looks a better option than any other thing in the same price range (security guards, super cheap covered parking space, garbage bins, lifts, etc), and it’s easy to access the roads to leave Taipei area during the weekend.

So… it was rent and views.

Did it because HESS shoved me in there and I didn’t know what I was getting myself into


I have moved into a nice quiet area in a 3 bedroom apartment out of that Sanchong shit hole.

Whats wrong with Sanchong? Never lived there…but everyone talks bad on New Taipei City. Is it the people there that are different than in Taipei?

There are different areas. Some of them are better than others. TBH, it’s not that different from 80% of Taipei.

So many people live there and there aren’t many open spaces in there either and it is the old gangster hood of Taipei. So shady characters, poor people, too many people, dense AF and noisy AF.

I live in the city, but some years ago, the wife and I did look at a place in Sanchong. It was on the waterfront with an amazing view of Yangmingshan and the city. It didn’t work out, but the million dollar view was enough to entice me to move to that part of town.

The place or the marriage?

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Because parts of it worse look than cities in the developing world.

Also, tons of shady ne’er do wells.

The place, and that was the easy part. The marriage is still being worked on.

Hey! Those of us in the developing world resent the comparison.

It could be worse, you could live in Taoyuan or fucking Hsinchu. Not even do birds not lay eggs there, they don’t even land.

Nothing wrong with Hsinchu. Lots of it looks well organized and nice.

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Why does anyone move anywhere?
Same answers no matter the location:
Quieter vs Livelier

My personal reason for picking Sanxia (New Taipei City)

  1. Affordability for the size and newness.
  2. Location: Love Sanxia, its new, growing, has a western vibe to the layout, and value will only increase.
  3. Schools are good.
  4. The view, my place over looks all of Taipei City from a distance, so I get mountains, forests, farms and rivers to look at instead of other buildings.

Back in the day, I spent a weekend in Miaoli. After that, Hsinchu City was AWESOME.


What is “Laowinning”?

Are you sure you live in Sanxia and not in Shulin? Because half of the new part is Shulin, where Carrefour is.