For what do you pine?

I am just curious as to what everyone out there misses from back home.

Number one on my list (by a long shot) is nachos. I would give my right arm for a big ole plate of tri-coloured nachos smothered in cheese with an endless supply of salsa and guacamole. This desire really came to fruition after ordering some nachos from Frog’s Pub and getting Doritos on a plate. WTF!!! :fume:

Number two would have to be a Coffee Crisp (chocolate bar), followed closely by Du Maurier cigarettes.

Some honourable mentions would include:
fresh air (though not nearly as important as the cigarettes)
real seasons
maxim magazine
wacky tabacky :rainbow:
excel gum
wearing a toque

Trust me, there is more, but thus far this post is only inciting some painful reminders.

Colemans Mustard
Fields and the smell of freshly cut grass
Roast Beef (with the mustard mentioned above)
Coronation Street
Reg the Bangladeshi who owns the corner shop. (I don’t actually pine for him, just his warm welcome).
Flying aeroplanes in bumpy skies
The sound of distant lawnmowers in the summer…

I could go on, but it would take 30 threads to finish

And I thought this was about the email client.

Magpies chortling at dawn
The smell of eucalyptus on a hot day
fish and chips at the Manly seafood cafe (Sydney)
Streets Blue Ribbon Ice Cream - Vanilla
A hamburger with BEETROOT
a glass of oz shiraz that doesn’t cost NT$400

old friends…sigh

Come down to bloody Bitan then. About 15 of the buggers have taken up residence in the tree outside my yard. :fume:

Me, I’m pining for the fjords.


Me, I’m pining for the fjords.[/quote]

No way!

Canuckleman wrote [quote]maxim magazine [/quote]
Girly Man!! :laughing:

Haha Canucklehead, I stocked up on Excel on my last trip back.

I miss driving. I miss my truck. I miss hot men driving hot trucks.

  1. Sitting in a nice and quiet outdoor Cafe drinking “real” coffee
  2. Pumping into friends by chance a spend a whole evening just doing the above
  3. Eating my Mom’s food at my parent’s place

and many many things more…

Ohh what do I miss…

1)Black folks, and talkin ebonics
2)Food Courts (don’t ask)
3)Shopping malls (again don’t ask)
4)Driving a car
5) Sometimes Judge Judy, and gang
7)real vienna hot dogs, CHICAGO style
8)Chicago conversations, the friendliness
9)Real popcorn, with ‘real’ butter!!!
10)Black men, flirtin with me ,actin goofy
11)Having to choice from 12 meals at Mickey D’s
12)Krispy Keme, yeah yeah!!!
13)West Wing
14)Comedy Central
15) free artsy newspapers, like the Reader, and the Onion
16) Bookstores
17)Hair salons with people who can do my hair
18) occationally my family
20)Being able to buy shoes!!! I’m a size 9
21)My mom when she used to leave dinner on the stove for me when i was late coming home
22)Someone asking me ‘how was your day’ when i got home

23)Quirky conversations with cashiers and customers while waiting in line
24) long 2-3 hour conversations with a friend

Okay, I got that off my chest…

Mesheel wrote [quote] Pumping into friends by chance[/quote]

:astonished: :laughing:

I have a couple of bottles sitting next to me right now. Carrefour was having a promotion, and I was a bit tanked by the time I got around to buying any. But they’re here now, sadly without the young lady that was promoting the stuff, and I’ll sell them to you for 300/glass.

I’ll even let you sit on my balcony while you drink them.

You hear that ladies? 300/glass and that even gets you a free ticket into the house of the young man promoting the stuff. :laughing:

Its the first weekend of high school football playoffs in western Pennsylvania (WP). I’d love to be there this weekend to see some of the games. High school football is HUGE in WP… Here is a list of players from WP (Name - High School - College- Pro Team bold = I know them) that are or have played pro ball:

1 “Bap” Manzini BelMar Eagles
2 “Deacon” Dan Towler Donora Washington & Jefferson Rams
3 Adam Walker Steel Valley Pitt 49ers
4 Anthony Peterson Ringold Notre Dame 49ers
5 Babe Parilli Rochester Kentucky Patriots
6 Bennett Gregory Uniontown Nebraska Bills
7 Bill Callahan Valley Pitt Steelers (from my home town… I played football in the back yards and fields with and against him)
8 Bill Cowher Carlynton NC State Browns
9 Bill Fralic Penn Hills Pitt Falcons
10 Bill George Waynesburg Wake Forest Bears
11 Bill Malinchak Monessen Redskins
12 Bill McPeak New Castle Pitt Redskins
13 Bill Miller McKeesport Miami Raiders
14 Bill Munsey Uniontown Minnesota B.C. Lions
15 Bo Scott Connellsville None Browns
16 Bob Bukcowski Gateway Pitt Raiders
17 Bob Jury South Park Pitt 49ers
18 Bob Samuels Farrell PSU
19 Bob Sanders Erie Iowa Colts
20 Bob Slowikowski Central Catholic Virgina Tech Cowboys
21 Bob Wright McKeesport Cincinnatti Bears
22 Brad Benson Altoona PSU Giants
23 Brandon Short McKeesport PSU Giants
24 Brian Baschnagel North Allegheny Ohio State Bears
25 Brian Davis Washington Pitt
26 Bruce Clark New Castle PSU Saints
27 Carlton “Cookie” Gilchrist HarBrack Hiram College Browns
28 Charle Scales Homestead Indiana/Semi-Pro Falcons
29 Charlie Batch Steel Valley Eastern Michigan Steelers
30 Chuck Fusina Sto-Rox PSU Packers
31 Chuck Knox Sewickley Seahawks
32 Chuck Muncie Uniontown California Chargers
33 Chuck Sanders Penn Hills Slippery Rock Steelers
34 Craig Cotton Elizabeth Forward Youngstown St Lions
35 Curtis Martin Allderdice Pitt Jets
36 Damien Denson Baldwin Michigan Patriots
37 Dan Marino Central Catholic Pitt Dolphins (my cousin was his receiver in HS and roomed with Danny at Pitt)
38 Dan Natale Serra Catholic PSU 49ers
39 Dan Rains Hopewell Cincinnatti Bears
40 Darnell Dikins Schenley Pitt
41 Darrell Dess Union Giants
42 Dave Kalina East Allegheny Miami Steelers
43 Dave Wannstedt Baldwin Pitt Dolphins
44 Dean Caligure Montour Pitt Steelers
45 **** Haley Midway Steelers
46 **** Hoak Jeanette PSU Steelers
47 **** Modelewski HarBrack Maryland Giants
48 Don Herriman Waynesburg
49 Doug Crusan Monessen Purdue Dolphins
50 Doug Kotar Canon MacMillan UK Giants
51 Doug Plank Norwin Ohio State Bears
52 Dwight Collins Beaver Falls Pitt Vikings
53 Ed Modelewski HarBrack Maryland
54 Ed Smith Central Catholic Michigan State
55 Eric Crabtree Monessen Pitt Bengals
56 Eric Hicks Erie Chiefs
57 Eric Ravotti Freeport PSU Steelers
58 Ernie Davis Uniontown Syracuse Browns
59 Fran Rogel Scott PSU Steelers
60 Frank “Tiger” Walton Beaver Falls Pitt Redskins
61 Fred Berry Washington Steelers
62 Fred Biletnikoff Erie Tech Florida State Raiders
63 Gary Cooper Ambridge Clemson Saints
64 Gene Gedman Duquesne Indiana Lions
65 Gene Gladys Monessen PSU Saints
66 Gene Huey Uniontown Wyoming Colts
67 Gene Modelewski HarBrack Maryland
68 George Blanda Youngwood Kentucky Raiders
69 George Daney Avella Chiefs
70 George Little Duquesne Iowa Dolphins
71 George Munsey Uniontown Ironmen
72 George Reihner Washington PSU Oilers
73 Gordon Jones East Allegheny Pitt Bucaneers
74 Greg Best Kansas State Steelers
75 Greg Hopkins Slippery Rock WFL
76 Greg Zappala Miami Falcons
77 Gregg Garrity North Allegheny PSU Steelers
78 Gregg Meisner Valley Pitt Rams (from my hometown…got beat up at mafia bar in hometown)
79 Gus Ferrotte Ford City Tulsa Vikings
80 Harry Clarke Uniontown WVU Bears
81 Harry Theofiledes Homestead Waynesburg Jets
82 Hubie Bryant Penn Hills Minnesota Steelers
83 Jack Ham Bishop McCourt PSU Steelers
84 Jake Schifino Penn Hills Akron Titans
85 James “Big Cat” Williams Allderdice Bears
86 Jamie Reader Monessen Eagles
87 Jason Taylor Woodland Hills Akron Dolphins
88 Jeff Christy Freeport Pitt Bucaneers (my cousin’s neighbor)
89 Jeff Delaney Upper St. Clair Pitt
90 Jeff Dugan Central Catholic Maryland
91 Jim Beirne McKeesport Purdue Oilers
92 Jim Braxton Connellsville WVU Bills
93 Jim Brumfield Elizabeth Forward Indiana State Steelers
94 Jim Covert Freedom Pitt Giants
95 Jim Flanigan West Mifflin North Pitt Packers
96 Jim Haslett Avalon (Northgate) IUP Bills
97 Jim Kelly Clairton Notre Dame Eagles
98 Jim Kelly East Brady Miami Bills
99 Jim Laslavic Etna PSU Chargers
100 Jim Mutcheller Beaver Falls Notre Dame Colts
101 Jimbo Covert Freedom Pitt Giants
102 Joe Chadonic Duquesne Eagles
103 Joe Montana Ringold Notre Dame 49ers
104 Joe Namath Beaver Falls Alabama Jets
105 Joe Reghetti Beth-Center Waynesburg
106 Joe Schmitt Brentwood Pitt Lions
107 Joe Walton Beaver Falls Pitt Giants
108 John “Sonny” Hughes Duquesne Ohio State WFL
109 John Babinecz Central Catholic Villanova Bears
110 John Ebersole Altoona PSU Jets
111 John Frank Mt. Lebanon Ohio State 49ers
112 John Henderson Westinghouse Steelers
113 John Hufnagel Montour PSU Chiefs
114 John Skorupan Beaver PSU Giants
115 Johnny Lujack Connellsville Notre Dame
116 Johnny Unitas St. Justins Lousiville Colts
117 JoJo Heath Monessen Pitt Raiders
118 Jonathan Hayes South Fayette Iowa Steelers
119 Judson Flint Farrell Memphis State Browns
120 Julius Dawkins Monessen Pitt Bills
121 Justin Kurpeikes Central Catholic PSU Patriots
122 Ken Reaves Braddock Falcons
123 Kevan Barlow Peabody Pitt 49ers
124 Kurt Singer Hopewell Titans
125 Larenzo Styles Farrell Ohio State Rams
126 Larry Brown Schenley Kansas State Redskins
127 Lavar Arrington North Hills PSU Redskins
128 Leander Jordan Brasher IUP
129 Leon Hart Turtle Creek Notre Dame Lions
130 Lindy Lauro New Castle Pitt Cardinals
131 Mark “big helmet” Kelso North Hills William & Mary Bills
132 Mark Bugler Central Catholic WVU Rams
133 Mark Vlasic Center Iowa Chargers
134 Marty Schottenhiemer Fort Cherry Pitt Chargers
135 Marvin Lewis Fort Cherry Bengals
136 Mercury Morris Avonworth West Texas State Dolphins
137 Mike “Mo” Scarry Duquesne Waynesburg Browns
138 Mike Barnes Peabody Colts
139 Mike Cawley Mt. Lebanon James Madison Colts
140 Mike Connell Sharon 49ers
141 Mike Ditka Aliquippa Pitt Bears
142 Mike Logan McKeesport WVU Steelers
143 Mike Lucci Ambridge Tennessee Lions
144 Mike McMahon North Allegheny Rutgers Lions
145 Mike Reid Altoona PSU Bengals
146 Mike Rosenthal
147 Mitch Frerotte Freeport PSU Bills
148 Myron Pottios Charleroi Notre Dame Redskins
149 Nelson Munsey Uniontown Wyoming Colts
150 Nick Haden Montour PSU Jets
151 Paul Martha Shady Side Academy Pitt Steelers
152 Paul Mckee Beaver Falls Syracuse Giants
153 Ralph Cindrich Avella Pitt Patriots
154 Ralph Felton Redskins
155 Randy Crowder Farrell PSU Dolphins
156 Randy Holloway Sharon Pitt Vikings
157 Ray Mathews McKeesport Steelers
158 Ray Parson Uniontown Minnesota Lions
159 Ray Scott Connellsville Announcer
160 Ray Zellars Oliver Notre Dame Saints
161 Reggie Wells South Park Clarion Cardinals
162 Rich Milot Moon Area PSU Redskins
163 Rich Saul Butler Michigan State Rams
164 Richard D’Amico Central Catholic PSU Raiders
165 Rick Razzano New Castle Virginia Tech Bengals
166 Rob b Butler Perry Pitt Chargers
167 Rob Holmberg Mt Pleasant PSU Raiders
168 Rod Rutherford Perry Pitt Panthers
169 Ron Saul Butler Michigan State Redskins
170 Ross Fichtner McKeesport Browns
171 Russ Grimm Southmoreland Pitt Redskins
172 Russell Stuvants McKeesport Youngstown St Steelers
173 Sam Havrilak Monessen Bucknell Colts
174 Scott Milanovich Butler Maryland
175 Scott Radecic Brentwood PSU Bills
176 Scott Zolak Ringold Patriots
177 Sean Berton Hempfield WVU Vikings
178 Sean Gilbert Aliquippa Pitt Rams
179 Shawntae Spencer Woodland Hills Pitt Cardinals
180 Skip Doyle Rochester Ohio State Redskins
181 Solomon Page Brashear WVU Bucaneers
182 Stephen Bates CFL
183 Steve August Jeanette Tulsa
184 Ted Kwalick Montour PSU 49ers
185 Ted Vactor Washington Redskins
186 Terry Hanratty Butler Notre Dame Steelers
187 Tim Manoa North Hills PSU Browns
188 Tom Brown Burrell Pitt Dolphins (home town friend)
189 Tom Brzoza Neshannock Pitt
190 Tommy Clemens Canevin Catholic Notre Dame Coach
191 Tommy Flynn Penn Hills Pitt Bears
192 Tony Benjamin Monessen Duke Seahawks
193 Tony Dorsett Hopewell Pitt Cowboys
194 Tony Liscio Westinghouse Tulsa Cowboys
195 Tory Epps Uniontown Falcons
196 Ty Law Aliquippa Michigan Patriots
197 Walt Bowyer Wilkinsburg Broncos
198 Will Peterson Laurel Highlands Michigan Giants
199 Wille Thrower Ken High Michigan State Bears (first black QB in NFL, from my home town… know all his grandchildren)

You have way too much time on your hands to be posting lists like this. Be true to your school, even if it’s all of them in yor part of the state.

You do The Beach Boys proud TMTM.

I miss Don Cherry.

That’s it.

I would have said I miss Haagen Daaz Dulce de Leche Flavor, but I found a secret stash right here in Taipei. Unfortunately, it’s 1000NT a throw. The good thing is you can eat a gallon of it if you want.

[quote=“Toe Save”]You have way too much time on your hands to be posting lists like this. Be true to your school, even if it’s all of them in yor part of the state.

You do The Beach Boys proud TMTM.[/quote]

I didn’t compile that list. I cut and pasted it…

:astonished: :laughing:[/quote]
Like a jackhammer? Mesheel’s been reading too many of Wolf’s posts. :laughing:

Wall to wall carpet
Freshly painted homes with wooden fences
Being in a public place and being able to understand what everyone is saying.
Riding my bike along the beach
Kickboxing class
Sees Candy

Second-hand record stores, vegetarian food that isn’t trying to look like a dead animal part, real ale drawn from barrels, wine and cheese at reasonable prices, roads to drive/ride at insane speeds on and live and of course the Alps to play in/on/above.
Most of all I miss sidewalks. Just being able to walk on a sidewalk would be lovely, thanks.
<-- lives in Tai/chung, with it’s total of 0.7km of sidewalk, all right outside the mayor’s apartment building…

I hear that!

I spent two years trying to avoid getting a bowlcut or something my uncle would love in Tainan… thank God for Taipei and &!!!

I miss my family more and more, especially on hearing them sound older lately…

I’m a size 11.5 so buying shoes seems like this quaint thing people only do overseas to me.

I also miss being on grass (the legal kind, underfoot). The grass in Taiwan hurts! And now those pesky fire ants to boot!

Oh, and challenging work, feeling like I’m building towards something rather than maintaining with occasional burst of unusal projects…bascially, a career.

And, I miss watching all the Star Trek shows :blush: