For your ego-stoking pleasure: googling your own sound bites

I ego-google from time to time to see how popular I am on the internet…and yes, I am aware that I’m narcissistic…and sometimes come across surprising finds from years ago. - 9/27/02
"I love Zebda, but these lyrics seemed eerie after 9/11. It’s all about revenge on those countries that are holding their brothers hostage ("Ce soir ennemi conna

Use with caution. My first try brough up my grandmother’s obituary. I am sad now.

I got 5 results with my current name and 2 with my old name. All seven made me yawn.

It’s official - I’m a boring person.

I don’t exist.

For some of us, googling our name is not so much fun :frowning:

I am a google-somebody in Taiwan though. :slight_smile: Good enough for me.

Considering how rarely I use my real name on teh intarwebs, almost all the results for an ego-google for me bring up either work of mine that’s online, or results for a distant relative with the same name.

I found there are a few people with my name. Two notables are a motocross rider and an NBA player. However I googled one of my cousins and found out info about people, who visited him in France. Also found one of my uncles has an on-line pig-hunting venture.