Forbid walking up and down escalators in Taiwan? A Japanese prefecture just did this

it maybe depends on locations of exits causing traffic jams.

Look how many more cars they get on the road though compared to having fast lanes.


If there are the same number of exits with lanes, not having fast lanes should be faster, iiuc.

I’m with @Marco on this. I catch the train just in time by walking down the escalator, shaving seven or so minutes off of my ETA. And for the detractors who say “Well, why don’t you leave 10 minutes earlier instead?”, I say “Mind your own business. I get to work 40 minutes early. Having 47 minutes to eat my sandwich and drink my orange juice not having to rush around in a panic to get shit prepared, suits me just fine. Now stand on the fucking right side of the escalator if you’re going to be a lazy, selfish moron.”
I only walk down them, though. Walking up may render me prone to cardiac arrest.


If they also forbid people coming to a stop when they reach the end of the escalator while they figure out where to go this may just work.


Well-written, scientifically-based, and persuasive article. It’s also one-sided, half-wrong and full of contempt for the common man. A+ nytimes smuggery.

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Well, that’s a well-argued convincing rebuttal of its errors! Thanks for helping me come to my senses!

For a while, walking very quickly up escalators + stairs to my apartment was the only exercise I got or needed to get – transferring at Zhongxiao Fuxing and speed walking up allllll those flights of stairs with the assistance of the escalator and then speed walking home and running up to my forth floor apartment was pretty sufficient training for me. I could run up to my apartment without getting out of breath (exception: bad pollution days). Why are New Yorkers so skinny? They have to walk long distances. Who needs to spend NT$3,000 on a World Gym membership when you can exercise during your daily commute?

Edit: If you don’t want me running up escalators, make all the escalators stairs. Problem solved. Also, Taiwan is the only country on Earth where everyone stands on both sides of the moving sidewalk, which was actually designed to speed people who are walking along. So freaking annoying and lazy.

“some even say that it’s a feature to tell ‘Taipeiese’ apart.”

God I hate that so much. Don’t just stick -ese at the end of EVERYTHING Asian. The Demonym suffix should be whatever flows best. -ese is not exclusive to Asians. You have three vowels together, it’s hard and clunky enough to say for native speakers, why do non-native speakers put themselves through such agony?

Taipeinian! what I say.

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Broad escalators with actual room for 2 people to stand next to each other with bags is ok - no issues if people walk or run down on them. But most of the MRT escalators in Taiwan are too narrow. One person trips and everyone ahead will fall. Its not safe to walk or run on them with other people around.

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I’ve been watching escalators the last couple of days and I must say, if not a couple or family, people take only every other step, leaving open at least one. So much for ‘crowded’ escalators and ‘speed theories’.

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Yes ! So take a few seconds to relax. Fill up both sides.