Forbidden City Museum - National Palace Museum rival in Luzhou?!

I’ve heard about this place and it’s on my list but haven’t visited. 10,000 relics from the Beijing imperial palace :eek:

The Forbidden City Museum, New Taipei City, Luzhou District, Desheng Street No. 30, costs NT$200 (HK$50) per adult entry.


If there are no unholy crowds, I´m in.

This museum is incredible. Many of artefacts are on par with some of the best stuff in the Taipei Palace Museum. We were very surprised that a museum like this could exist in Taipei without more people knowing about it, and even more surprised that many precious artefacts were just lying about and not protected within glass cabinets.


As far as I know the tours are only in Chinese. Some of the artefacts have written explanations but again only in Chinese.