Foreign community joins march

[quote]TAKING PART: Dozens of members of Taiwan’s expatriate community marched in yesterday’s rally, saying that the world needs to pay more attention to Taiwan’s plight
By Mo Yan-chih
Sunday, Mar 27, 2005,Page 2[/quote] … 2003247934

We made it into the lian2he2bao 聯合報, United Daily Press?

(蘇懇 is “龍骨”)

Cant believe that woman gave a full name and where she works! Hope her boss is pro-independence!

Yeah, I gave my full name too, and people at work told me I’d gotten into the newspaper. :sunglasses: But I’ve never seen any kind of discrimination by my employers in Taiwan, since they’ve all been very mature, professional people who respect freedom of speech and political activity. I’m sure there are some workplaces where giving one’s full name in such an interview would be a bad idea, but I’ve had the good fortune not to end up in one of them.

Maybe it is because they did not expect you to be hardcore green, but rather be a loving , apolitical foreigner. Well I was shocked when Ben Affleck decided to support Al Gore instead of George Bush and I have never watched his films since then.